Truth About "Addictions

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 Of all the tons & tons of research that Iv done involving "addictive substances", over the last 25-30 years; Im always running into the very same conclusions; "nothing is addictive- unless you 1st "believe
that "It is...!"

In the simplest of terms; "If you think or believe anything has addictive qualities or addictive powers- then, you have already set yourself up as a "possible future victim.

But what if you could change your mind regarding "addictions?"

 Im talking not only about "man-made substances as well as those inventions manufactured by "Mother nature. Your whole outer & inner world would magically begin to re-transform everything about you. We are just now discovering over the last 2 decades that "the aging process itself can be slowed-down thru meditation or deep hypnotic practice's.

All hypnosis of any-kind is always "self-induced" no one can hypnotize you unless you volunteer your "power of choice" to the hypnotist. The hypnotist can be "drugs, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, spice, and porn, including but not limited to "diseases".

 Did you realize that  "emotional stress" is the main culprit behind many diseases such as; heart problems & articular-sclerosis, including "Alzheimer & others,  such as "Bipolar & manic depression?

It is our system of belief's or fears that can make all those diseases become a reality in your life- but what if you could change your system of belief about the causes of any disease...?

Your whole life would change seemingly over night. For example; We are all taught since the cradle that as we age- our looks become older looking, & everything internal goes thru a biologic breakdown. yet I know a few folks that are twice my age but they look only half as old as I am and they have lived on junk-food since early childhood. Most of us today could never get away with that.

Whats the secret? Most of those folks that look only half their age dont believe the same things that most of us do...

If we Change the way we "think" or "believe, then eventually everything we see or experience will change to align with our new thoughts according to our new belief system. If you need help in changing your negative thought patterns- I suggest you visit my site;


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For a life altering change with hardly any effort on your part.
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