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Unseen Substance...?

Is Perhaps one of my most favorite subjects in regards to "quantum physics.
Take for the most simple of properties such as "wind. We cannot see the wind but we can see the "after-math of the wind. We cannot see; "sub-atomic particle" unless we are viewing it from an electron microscope- yet we inhale these particles every day- even in our sleep.

 We now know that "sub-atomic particles are pure (living energy).
Many air-born disease's cannot be detected until it's way too late to cushion or repair the damage like "anthrax. Did you know that a "cold"could only be passed on from person to person- or "animal to person in some rare cases where "flu virus's" are often air-born...?Virus's are also driven by the same energy source that we cannot see without electron microscopes. The translated term for "virus, only means;"your guess is as good as mine- so any time the doctor tells you; "You have a virus, He/she is saying; "your guess is good as mine. Some would attest that the virus is a "radical cell- which seemingly act as though it "can think for itself. "So much for the crash-course in bio-physics.

The New testament scriptures explain that "faith is evidence of substances hoped for yet, un-seen". But what I attest is what they meant to say is;"faith is only evidence" of unseen substance. There is quite a marginal difference between faith & hope of "The unseen... "here is the curve-ball;Every "solid mass & "non-solid are made-up of (atoms) with atoms being the smallest unit of any measure- however, when we break down the single atom, we discover "smaller atoms that are called "quarks- but these quarks are also"atoms- much like "seeds within the single seed or "cells within the single cell. Rocks, metal, wood, grass, flowers, people, animals & insects which include "Earth, air, fire & water are all comprised of "atoms" or as some say "pure energy.

Other scientist would say that the "atoms are only
what holds the physical-forms together. This brings up another old can of worms, which is; "How does the form know" to grow as grass or a flower?Thats like someone asking you' How did you know to be born as male or"female? "Knowing way in advance would be nice- but "The knowing" has no bearing on us even being born as human or plant. Do thunder storms plan ahead on when & where to strike? Do tornadoes sit down & plan their attacks on a "clip-board & legal pad before their attack? Planning ahead is not Mother-natures way of conducting wrathful events. We are all family- from the "unseen to the largest of mammal & there will always be wars & rumor thereof even when you, I & our future ancestors all cross over into the great "summer Lands from wince we all will eventually one day return.




My dearly departed & I were one of those matches made in "heaven.

Between us we had 2 children. We would have had 3- but she & the new-born expired on the delivery table May of 1986. Mary & I all loved the very same things- same music- same poetry- same movies. Always went everywhere together, even when I had to go out of state to help setup props, audio/video equipment for MGM, Panama Films & LionsGate productions, she always went along & even helped out with a lot of the pre & post productions. She & I both were musicaly inclined. both played the keyboard, guitar, harp & violin. Both of us could drive an 18 wheeler & on special trips would drive the film trailors to location of up-comming shoots. 


Both of us loved "Vivaldi, Yanni, Enya, Loreena McKinnett, Evanessence, OzzyOsbourne just to name a few. We met in 1974 while I was on vacation in; Castletown in Isle Of Man. She was a student at "King Williams College. Mary worked P/T at the "Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle where she & I met for the 1st time. I was into Kaballah magick since preteen & she was/is "Wiccan. I hate to use the term; "was". I bought a jade crystal-ball to add to my collection. Something kept telling me that "she is the one & sure enough, she proved to be as such. Our relation sky-rocketed from that evening onward. We wind up getting "hand-fasted within 8 weeks.

The 1st child was born in 1975 & the second child was born 1979- both were as beautiful as their Mother. Mary was always telling me that no matter what happened- she would never leave me. It always gave me a chill whenever she whispered it. At the time, I didnt know why. Whenever we were apart for any length of time, I could still almost hear her soft whispering; "I will never leave you. On the evening of her demise, she whispered it again for the last time from the gurney in May of 1986 at John-Peter Smith Hospital in FortWorth Texas.


She used to sing me lullabies quite often while playing the harp. Since she crossed over; "Iv never been lonely. It's like she never left. Some full-moon nights I can still see her soft reflection in my mirror. I can still feel her presence. I can still smell her soft gardenia perfume that she often would wear- knowing it to be my favorite. Now, when Im by my self- I never feel alone or lonely... On many nights, I can still hear her soft whisper...

By LW Craig