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Faith Vs Hope.
Subtitled; Key to fulfilling desires

 What is the difference?
Most clergy agree that (faith) is made of substance "un-seen" much like (the wind). We can feel & see the outcome. We can experience What the wind does- but cannot see the wind itself. We can only witness it while it bends & blows thru the trees & even via "tornado" Or un-seen) contain "atoms" & the atom is the smallest element of "any" unit regardless of Size or contour... Hope is nothing more Than (desire) to experience "particular outcomes" of any given circumstance. Faith can move mountains- but not every Mountain can be Moved by "faith". If that Mountain does not need to be moved in order to appease your desire, then that mountain will be a tough move. Just because God can raise the dead- does not mean that; God is obligated to do so each & every time.


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If God were ever truly concerned about our wants & needs- then, no-one would ever HAVE a (need)..."think about it". Im quoting a very Famous TV preacher who is no Longer among us. His ideology points to the idea that God can even (remove your desires) so that You could never have a (need!) I have to admit that- this is the most critical thinker of any TV preacher IV ever heard. Why does God Allow us to be tempted with (desire?) God's own nature is based upon & within; (creationism)- much Like an artist. As a (human)- you Have a nature-based desire to (create) which includes possible (destructive art-form) on your part...We are all born with a (god-given Desire) to "create- such as the desire to hunt for & obtain food in order to sustain our families.  Hope is only relevant to; those who truly need it.



Those of us who have no desire- also have (no needs). You can be as poor as a church-mouse, and still have “no need or desire.’ You Can also have all the money in the world & still be the most needy on the face of the planet. If you have “no desire- then you already Possess everything that you need at that moment- so, how  Do we Obtain that which we desire...? You must first convince yourself That what you (desire) is “Gods will...!”  Sometimes this demands you to put away (written laws). This includes whatever you consider To be any heavenly made Mandate & many times, includes (man-made or nature-based laws).  This does not protect you from any Given Law, but merely hides them from you for the time being. Keep in mind; this does not excuse you from “man-made penalties” nor Does it exclude you from all the penalties pelted-out by the hands of; Old Mother Nature.


The smart thing to do is first ask yourself; “what will happen” after I fulfill that which I KNOW I DESERVE...?

Then be ready to deal with The domino-effect of the Consequence of that Desire. The trick is in the (gnosis) or (KNOWING) that you really deserve that which you Seek... Then do what you must in order to (fulfill that Desire) be it by witchcraft- sorcery,  brainwashing, or even; brute force... As for The Faith that cannot move mountains- this is what back-hoes,  shovels & stun-guns are for. Just remember; some desires can sometime Lead you into the execution-chamber or into the hands of local lynch-mobs that did not like you anyway.

Just be ready to die over the Fulfillment of those desires & then- 9 times out of 10, the outcome will not  be so... “Disappointing’.  Nothing in this old world is free- Everything has its own price-tag, like in some restaurants of Eastern Europe- you don’t get to see the price tag until you have finished Your meal & are ready to check-out , so be sure that the meal is well worth the price before indulging. Sounds like my grand-mother Who Use to yell at us; ‘Don’t go near the water till you know how to swim...!
...(Knowing) that you are worthy of your desire is the key.



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