Read; Reincarnation Verses Religious Duty

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Subtitle; The American Dream...?

A Wife at home...? Kids...? Perhaps a Large nest egg in the bank...? These are all part of that Ol American dream- but just where did that dream start from? Traditionaly it is thought to have started inside the orthodox church- but since the death of my wife & child brought on by childbirth complications near to 20 years ago, I was forced by nature to ask myself; _______________________________ Why should I even desire a wife or give birth to children who will eventually die? Perhaps even die in the utmost of all pain? We do not think of these things untill it all hits so close to home. Iv asked God for over 20 years why these things happen and the story of Adam & Eve do not impress me any longer. Perhaps God is afraid to give the real answer to these questions? The only "logical" answer is; Flesh & bone is needed as multch to fertilize the plant life- _______________________________________________________ For without that multch, ol mother earth would eventually die due to the lack of nutrition? Otherwise you are forced to ask; What was wrong with STAYING where we were prior to our physical birth? How do you feel about being FOOD for Mother nature...? Now you know why men-women & animals have sensual desire as a gift/curse from "Mother nature" for Without that nature- Mother Earth would starve & die...! Just think; Where we all would be today if NO ONE ever could die? ... You & I would be head to foot & shoulder to shoulder 10 miles high off the face of the earth since the time of Adam & Eve, "no one ever dies"? ______________________________________________ So your mission is very clear; Feed Mother Earth!... Do you like Sci-Fi?; Picture this one; a world as big as ours where men-women & animals refuse to mate, or WORSE; a world where human & animals never die or give birth? What if Adam & Eve refused to mate? That means you & I would never have to know the pain of broken hearts or suffering or hunger or lack or loneliness...! ___________________________________________ Now you know why the story of Adam & Eve could have never been true...! In the words of the ancient Cabala Rabbi's; WELCOME TO HELL & may your stay here be most (heavenly) until you are required to return... Because; ______________________________________________ Reincarnation is just a simple biology only complicated by "religious duties"... Salvation has always been FREE, yet the curse that salvation carries is having to return here and REAL HELL is being able to remember how many trips youv made here since Adam & Eve. My 9 minute clinical death of 1974 was the beginning of my own spiritual awakening... See for more detail...