NEW winter boots are $70; NEW summer boots are $50.  
Used boots will vary between $20 & $30 depending on condition.

I have the HAWG, the MULE (2 or 3 variations), the
ThermoBak, and what I am calling the SQUARE BACK which is not
a CamelBak product.

I have about 30 of the HAWGS & MULES.  I have hundreds of the
woodland pattern ThermoBak and ACU pattern Square Back.

Most of the HAWGS & MULES will include a NEW reservoir.  Most
the rest should be considered used but in good condition.

Explanation of condition:

LIKE NEW - never issued, clean with excellent color I cannot
call any of it NEW although some is UNISSUED. GOOD- clean with
perhaps slight dust, no stains, no fading of color, complete,
no damage

BULK BUY is possible!  Let me know what you want for a
quantity discount - more than 10 combined hydration items.

Also available are; 100 general purpose canteen pouches - NEW
or excellent condition.  Asking $6 each or 5 for $25. They
will carry a one quart canteen or 3 or 4 magazines or medical
supplies or anything else that fits.

KEROSUN heaters? 
I have six  of them.  Rated at 23,000 Btu's  EXCELLENT for the deer lease
OR emergency home use!!  Asking $50 each  NEVER USED

This next  is a weird item but I have 40 of them;

SECTERA Wire-line
This operates like a stand alone modem.  This model
only works with
 land line telephones and EACH phone must have
one attached...

Pick up your telephone and call the other party.  When the
other phone answers, the two modems do a "hand shake" and
then lock up in SECURE mode!

Only the NSA could break in on your conversation...but of
course THEY have the code book.  Everyone else would have
to break 128 bit encryption plus a overcome a 64 bit key. 
Having the latest government model will attract the attention
of the FBI but this older model is OK to have and use.

The government model sells for over $2200 EACH and ONLY
official agencies are permitted to have it. This is GREAT
for business travelers who need to communicate securely with
the home office.  Asking $600 per pair

Last thing to mention is boots:
I have NEW winter boots (8.5W and 9.5W) and
new and used summer boots from 4 to 14.

I have some coats - 8 men's overcoat, blue - sizes 38R, 38R,
42R, 42L, 46R, 48S, 48L, 48L   Half have liners.
There are 8 women's over coats - blue - sizes 10S, 10L, 12S,
14S, 14S, 14S, 14S, 16L.  Half have liners.
There are 23 black coats - raincoats? - sizes 34R, 36R, 36L,
36L, 37L, 38XL, 38XL, 38XL, 39L, 40R, 40R, 40R, 40R, 40L, 40L,
41L, 41L, 42L,43R,  43L, 44S, 45L, 45L.  Only 2 of these have
liners - 40R and 42L. There is also ONE 16R with a liner -
female size.
The last thing I have is an assortment of HEAVY DUTY under
garments - polypropylene about a quarter inch thick!! 
ZIPPER front, brown with black trim.

XS(8), S(14) , M(91), L(29) & XL(25?)  The XL fits me better
although I can get into a LARGE and zip it up. These are like
a jacket with pockets for your hands and chest pockets for
papers, etc.  Shoulders and forearms have black material for

OD sleeping bags, plastic zipper, mummy style, good to about
30 degrees Fahrenheit if used alone;

Asking $30, 45 available, clean, excellent condition

Any Questions On "any item, feel free to e-mail me with the detail.