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How to meditate and get the best benefits from it...?
1. First find a very comfortable place where nobody can  disturb you. Turn your phone off. 2. If there are any thoughts going though your mind, write all of them down so you don’t need to think  about them. 3. Get comfortable by sitting or lying down. 4. Listen to any of the meditations listed below with head  phones, or if you can’t do that make sure it is loud  enough to hear but not loud enough to distract. 5. Dim the lights 6. Let go of any expectations. 7. Then just enjoy and let yourself go.
The benefits of meditating...?
Helps you with psychological benefits such as reducing stress, calmness and happiness. You start feeling much better about yourself, helps you to let go of worries or limited negative self beliefs.
The physical benefits you can get from meditating are as follows: more energy, calmer and better sleep patterns. How long will it take before I notice any results?
The effects of meditating are immediate and you will feel more rested, have peace of mind and will get more energy. For optimal results it’s advised to meditate daily for 10-30min.

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