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Creating Your Servants

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Creating Demons/Mp3

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Demon Servants…
And how to create them

Most often you will find many “methodologies” on conjuring or even creating demon servants.There is not a whole set of rules to adhere to. The creation method I would like to share with you,Iv used many times since my early teens. This very same methodology is also used to even create Protective guardian angels. One single rule of thumb that most wizards & sorcerers do agree upon Is this; Once you create your demon/angel, you must give it a (name) in order to give it life…plus; The name you give it must be unique & “only known by you” & kept in a very secret place. 

The Reason the name must be unique is if there are tons of other demon/angels out there with the same Or “similar” sounding names; this appears to weaken & water-down the effective nature of these Man-made creations. 

Once you have created it- you legally then become the proud parent of it. Half of its living energies come from within you. The other half comes from the world of (Anti-matter) or as some call; “the neither region’s or, the under-world. Before we set-out to give Birth to our demon/angel, I have found it best to first know what it is that you want your servant To do once it is born. Just be cautious; it thinks like you- much like (father like son) or like mother, “Like daughter”. As the parent; you must hold an absolute air of authority over your creation, or Otherwise the child may have a tendency to walk all over you. Once it is born- your best bet is to Tell it; “you must always blindly obey me” & I will reward thee with your choice of heaven once You have completed the assignment of which I give unto you. 

As its creator- you are obligated to “un-create” it & dismiss it to banish it into its choice of heaven Of which you, “the wizard” also create for your servant before you discharge & dismiss the creature In quest… Another caution; If you create it & then just forget about it- you might as well had Created an (air-born virus). These creatures are much like children; they hate to be ignored & if Ignored long enough, the Creature often morphs into a (poltergeist). 

Guess whom they will haunt first? I bet that answer didn’t require rocket-science. Once you have The creature’s name- write down in detail of what you want your creation to accomplish for you. Obtain a silver bowel. It can be a metal wok. Draw a detailed picture of what you want your Demon/angel to look like on a separate piece of Paper. It can be typing paper or trace-paper or even Papyrus- just as long as there are no lines Or erased or etched names & numbers on the two sheets.

Some magi’s make copies of their demon/angels & hang them in places like their closet or medicine Cabinets on the inside as reminders of what their creature looks like. Be sure to keep its name in a Secret place for future references. 

You will need it for the banishing ritual later. Now- etch or draw a 3-5 ft circle on the ground & then Center the silver bowel in the middle of it. Most folks don’t require more than 4ft diameter circle. (Safety first). If you are Out-side, be sure the wind is at your back & the bowel is in front of you. Have either a fire extinguisher or plenty of baking soda handy just in case. 

Sprinkle a little table salt In the bowel & also inside the circle and dedicate that bowl unto the God/goddess of your choice And use it for nothing else than for burning-based rituals of which we are about to conduct. If you’re Inside- be sure to remove the batteries of your smoke detector. If you’re lucky enough to have a Fireplace then you need not worry about the smoke. Just put the bowel itself inside the fire-place & Sprinkle salt in the bowel & around the bowel itself.

Take the two pieces of paper & bind them together loosely with red sewing string. Not with rubber Bands or paperclips. Take a little rubbing alcohol & swab the inside bottom of the bowel. Hand Cleaning gel also works quite well. Now stand about a foot from the bowel & slowly lift both hands Over your head with the paper in hand. With eyes closed & head tilted slightly back enough to be Comfortable- begin to whisper; I invoke thee (name of demon/angel) from the neither-regions, to Come before me & appear in the likeness I have given thee. (Take a few deep slow breaths &
Then continue with; “I, “the wizard” invoke thee (name of demon/angel) and say; 

I have given thee unto Life & impute life within thee. “Repeat this 3-4 times in an authoritative whisper. Then lovingly Place the two pieces of paper gently into the bowel. You can also have any mood-Music playing during this recital. I understand from a few fellow sorcerers that the somber-based Music often helps the sorcerer to focus better.

Once you have placed the paper inside the Bowel- Step back & light a match & cast it into the bowel. While the smoke rises; speak to the smoke & Say; “Go now (name of demon/angel) as I have commanded you & bring my quest unto me. Stand & wait for the smoke to clear & then gaze toward an empty spot on the ceiling & then Take a deep slow breath having your fist; (right or left) on the upper of your chest & then with a Great intensity, outstretch your fist toward the blank spot of the ceiling while opening that same hand & Force all the wind from your lungs & recite in a gentle whisper; 

“As I have commanded it-So now it is done, “now stretch that same hand strait above your head, closing your eyes; say; “As it is above- (bring your hand down in front of you & touch the ground & whisper; “So also Below. Now just relax in the silence for the moment. And now- give your creation time enough To delegate your request. Be patient. It took God at least 6 days to get all of life started …

Now comes the easy part; How to dismiss your “demon/angel?” Take the ashes from the bowel & Flip it to an open wind or breeze with your back to the incoming wind pour out the bowel & Whisper; I now release you; (name of demon/angel) to be put to flight with my thanks & gratitude. Or pour the ashes on the gravestone of a disfavored acquaintance & recite the same dismissal or Just pour the ash into a nearby pond or lake while reciting the dismissal…


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