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Laws Of 3X3...?

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Law Of 3X3/mp3

The Rule & Law of Karma
Including; Three X Three

Most of us are quite familiar with the rule of recompense & 3X3 pay-back from something called “karma”. But, from my own life observations & personal experiments- What IV found is; the law often works but only for those who (believe) that such a law exist. “Belief” can be a very powerful and useful tool. The more guilt complexed you are- the more likely you will wind up being the perfect target for the outcome called karma’s punishment.

 If you have a hugh, nagging fear in being caught for doing something which you (feel) is wrong- then, be prepared to go to the chopping-block, because eventually it will come back to bite you in the saddle. Fear of retribution often pushes us into the confession-booth. Here, I am compelled to remind folks that; if you need anything in writing to give you the definition of right & wrong and require a (burning-bush) to read it by, then a “mindless cow” will have more hope than you. Just to make a long story short; 

God condemns (no-one),.. However, humankind has a very bad habit in condemning himself & any others who tend to give the judge in question a rough time. So, how do we shake the negative outcome of Karma? Guilt complex’s are created & inbred thru family & friends- not to mention “all the strangers” who have their own personal interest in the depth of your guilt complex in mind. “How do we loose this complex?”

 Not an easy task if you were raised under orthodox taskmasters- but not impossible. It takes work, which requires (tons of practice). If you’ve had a guilt complex for say “30 years” then it could take you up to 15-20 years to grow out of it. You need to first convince your self that (Karma) is only based upon personal superstition & nothing else. Many folks are able to outgrow their guilty conscience over night…(How?) 

“It’s done with simple child-like faith!” because (child-like faith) can often move mountains. The downside is; not all faith can move EVERY mountain., because, in some cases you may find you need a back-hoe & shovel to get the job done...


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