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Science Vs Religious Fiction

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Planet "Htrae...?

Do you like "Science-fiction that "could become true" under the right conditions? Lets take a look; Once upon a time- there was a "Planet called "Htrae". Just as big & bulky as our own planet. It was found on the opposite side of our current Sun, a million light years away. In the beginning of (man-made time), There was a beautiful garden called; "Nede". 

The 1st humans to inhabit were called; "Joe & Hoe"- but there were "no forbidden fruits to be found & No (tree of life) yet "God told them to go forth & multiply thy kind- but beware; "Ye Will Never Die & neither shall your seed die who are born from you. So here we go, giving birth to kids & grandkids with our grandkids hooking up with their sisters & mothers with none of them aging beyond "child-bearing"years...but (none of them has the capacity to die).
Do you think we are a crowded planet now? If no one ever died since the 1st humans on our planet, we would all be standing (head-to-foot & shoulder to shoulder) 10 miles up from the surface of the Earth- because no one ever dies! The green-life around us creates our life giving (oxagen) that we breath & they in turn feed off all the carbon dioxide we exhale into the air. This makes me ask this one simple question; "How over-taxed" would our green-life be if (no one ever died since the 1st man & woman?) We would all eventually suffocate.

 I now  wonder if "God ever thinks this far ahead...?...:) share this one with your pastor.


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