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False Witnessing?

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Every song, has a "story- every story has a message- "not every message applies to "everyone...


False Witness For Jesus/mp3...?


Christian Salvation…

Is based upon the “idea” of (oral) confession and “believing” in your heart that Jesus arose from the dead…yet “confessing” to any resurrection of Which you were not an eyewitness unto is called “false witnessing”… Regardless of where your heart & mind is, the confession is still called; “False witnessing” only because you were not an “eye witness”. It doesn’t Matter weather the resurrection took place or not & doesn’t matter what You choose to believe about the resurrection in question. The point of the Matter is; if you DID NOT SEE this “resurrection” yourself, but still claim that it took Place- this makes you a (FALSE WITNESS) weather he arose or not. We are also told if WE DON’T confess Jesus as Son of God & risen of The dead- then we are cast aside to one day be thrown into the lake of fire.

However; the book of Revelation, chap# 21 vs# 7 shows “ALL LIARS” have Their own place in the lake of fire…that includes: “false witness’s” because A false witness is also a (liar) since the resurrection cannot be “proven” but only (assumed) by the so-called “believers”. The tomb of Jesus is still Empty- but so is the tomb of “Osiris” & also the coffin of Count Vladimir Dracula with a promise that they too shall return… Osiris was also here long before Jesus & in writings prior to Moses and Was also known as “son of SUN God” and was “VIRGIN BORN… “Coincidence?” Dream on…

What kind of a God would demand (blood) from his own son when the God in question could extract blood from the very stars if God so much As wanted “blood?”…Besides- how can a blood sacrifice be made unto The God who invented (blood?) Is it not written that the earth & the fullness Thereof belong unto God? Therefore, Jesus & us have nothing to sacrifice Since ALL THINGS “including” blood belong to God to start with…!

What kind of God would demand of you to (believe) & “confess” to a Resurrection of which you were never an eyewitness unto thereby making You a (false witness) of an event that your eyes never saw…? Lets say The resurrection really did take place- “Did you see it?” I didn’t ask what You “believe” because what you believe doesn’t matter…

I asked if “YOU SAW IT” with your own physical eyes…? If you DID NOT see it- then you Cannot be a (true witness) & would be charged with perjury in ANY court Of law on the face of the globe if you say Jesus rose or even if you say You (believe) he did because it don’t matter what you believe…. A false witness is a “Liar” regardless of what the liar chooses to (assume) or “believe”. Will you “lie” for Jesus? Proclaiming Jesus as Son of God & Lord also places You in the category of; False prophet, because you were taught that Jesus Is Lord & don’t have a clue other than what a “BOOK” tells you about him...?  "False-witness for Jesus? ..."Not Me...!. Did you (see it?)... "I Saw Nothing!