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Secret Of The Sorcerer

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Secret Of The Sorcerer…

… The Most important secret to ANY magick involves transformation of the “self“… The words; (Magic) ONLY MEAN “STAGE MAGIC”… the word; MAGIK denote; “spirit magick” which is truly (REAL MAGIC)… It is often said that; The Eyes are the window of the soul- …however, this is only a half-truth. 

If you truly want to (KNOW) someone- or (ANYONE)… all you have to do is STUDY the (MUSIC) that they most often frequent…then STUDY the music itself which will inform you of the listeners (so-called) secret moods…??? The moods may bend around a cheater or a (divine) lover or any number of (things)… Example; My dearly departed lover “MaryAnn” KNEW me better than I knew myself. She & I loved all the same music- so, she knew I was hurting from a painful Past. She was also up to date on the same historical anthropology’s  that I was into. She also had a (closet-secret) like myself… she had been a Wiccan Priestess since she was 12 yrs of age…

MaryAnns mom was a eastern orthodox xstian that committed suicide after an affair with the “Bishop” of the church in Vatican Italy… so, One last observation; All of our; (guardian angels?) they Are not here to save our lives or even to make life Much easier for us… They are here to (Observe) us & record how we react or “ignore” given Circumstance- not to judge nor reward us- but, To implement what we learn now into our future Incarnation & with each & every incarnation- we return as “greater energy” efficient & loaded With (more) information… (Why?) Observe the Lilly’s of the field- do you think they worry about (Why?) The birds of the heavens don’t appear to Wonder why… “Besides” You may not really want To know… the truth …of that question.

My Following Video is best viewed in full size with ear-pods to reap the full
 benefits from the "subliminal-voice audio in the background. This particular
 video was engineered to help heal depression & worry. Let it play till it stops.. (enjoy)