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Secret About Faith

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What Is "Desire?
Its a 'heart-felt prayer. Some desires are deep, while others are just a passing- fleet of vanity or wish, such as the common phrase,  "Gee I wish I had one of those & then walking away to never give it another thought. It was Dr Edgar Casey, who taught that (thoughts are things) & I assume he meant that "thoughts are potential things. Any-time you see or hear the word "potential"- it means (seed).
How do we get any seed to grow? We tend & water it on a consistant basis every day or every 2-3 days. What do we need to do between watering? Rest, try to wipe the desire from our minds- this in turn launches our desire or prayer into the universe- allowing the energies of that desire to seek & search for that what we wish to "take place.
Desire is "emotion & emotion is pure raw energy. In Christian-based theology, "We are to make our request with boldness & then "Give Thanks in advance for receiving those things which we desire- just like we have already received it. Sort of like thanking your banker for a loan you havent physically received yet. This "thankfulness, is the magical key needed in order to launch our desire into the void of the universe. You may even need to make several launches in order to convince the powers that be- that you are serious...& if 
you make several launches per day or every-other day; "Dont forget the "thankfulness after every launch and keep in mind; some seeds grow faster or (slower than others). Seeds take time to grow. I recall something an old Sufi I had befriended in Trinity Park of Fort Worth who taught me that "Even time-  takes time to grow only because "time" was a man-made concept. If we can get past our own concept of time & un-create time within us as individuals- then the waiting period toward that prayerful-desire is made shorter... The "launch & thank-you principal" is the very same principal also advocated by Pagan-based covens since times prior to the first Pharos of Egypt. But, Be careful of what you pray for- because you may not like the baggage which often comes with the package in the long run..."Trust me, Been there-done that...:) 



Secret About Faith/mp3


...There is no difference between Christian based faith and Satanic inspired- because BOTH are the very Same energy from the very same single source...God does not condemn either one and FAITH is the only Energy that moves God to do what we dare call Good or Evil, yet Isaiah 45 vs 7 states that; I THE LORD create Light & Darkness- I THE LORD create peace & evil- I THE LORD am he who Doth all these things...

Yet I find that God cannot work in and thru guilt-ridden People, but only work with people who trust in their own Faith. If you feel like your faith has holes or gray Areas- then God cannot work thru it.

The Christians for over 1000s of years taught that Faith alone within Christian Ideas would only please God- but that was just to dupe The non-Christians who were already pleasing God thru Their Pagan traditions,,,! Faith is FAITH anyway you Look at it. God don’t care if its Christ inspired or Even Satanic in nature. The only faith that God will Work thru is; Faith (Without Guilt)...

So pray for God to help you silence the guilt that is Slowly destroying you...or even pray for forgiveness regarding that what you FEEL you must do in the future At any given time. Just remember; "Where there is No Law- there can be no condemnation. How do we destroy the law within us? You first must convince yourself that "Moses was a liar" and accept the fact that (Moses) was on a power trip using his EGYPTIAN BASED sorcery of which he was raised upon &  becoming the best of the sorcerers of his time...!

God has always forgiven- HOWEVER, Keep in mind that MAN cannot forgive because Its not In mans nature to FORGET... Guilt has always been a man-made psychology to only promote "Mosaic" based (Democracy)of which we still live under today. And this very same democracy has NEVER saved nor spared the poor & starving- yet this very same democracy has worked very well for the rich & famous and for the ones who had enough money to hire the  best & smartest Lawyers of their day...!

The only reason Moses fled to the wilderness was because he "murdered" an Egyptian cop who was dealing out punishment to a Hebrew thief. Its a very well known fact that Egypt took very good care of their slaves & fed them very well- but when they steal, the thief receives their due punishment...Just like today. Moses was still the rich adopted kid of Pharaohs daughter & that’s how Moses got away with "killing a cop"...

"Any injustice" has always been found only within the eyes of it's VICTIM...!  The rich have always served the (richest)and the poorest have always been servant to the (poor) & middle class. This equation has never been changed since prior to Adam & Eve. "Justice"  & equality have always been determined  by the size of one's wallet...  (Always)