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Tree Of Knowledge?

Think about it; (Tree Of Knowledge…?) Knowledge of Good & Evil? The book of Genesis speaks very openly about it- but what is/was it? First think; you, as a parent Have a (poison plant) for some reason you want to be planted. The fruit of it is called; “Good & evil” yet you plant it in reach of your children and then you tell the children; DO NOT TOUCH- because in the event that they do, they shall surely “die”- but they Have not ever died before, and so therefore have no clue how (death) can be so bad…

After the warning- you walk away…what do you think you will find when you decide To return…? How about two very dead children. What’s even worse, is that you knew In advance what your children would choose. How would you classify that parent…?

The parent would be put in jail for (child endangerment!) We are all made in the likeness Of God- so where is the judicial difference…? There is none! Do you realize that the word; “HOLY” only means; (without division?) Read Isaiah ch# 45 vs# 7 and then tell me what makes God “so holy?”… In the light of Gods favored prophet, this verse shows God to be the complete (duality) …NOT HOLY! (but)... Perfect opposites of light & darkness!

Holy one moment- then most Unholy within any given moment of time… The bare bone Truth is that (we) as humans have always died since prior to Adam & Eve, because if No one ever died since Adam & Eve- you & I would be shoulder to shoulder and head to Foot ten miles off the face of the globe- because “no one” ever dies…! So, Why are any Of us born since eventually we all die? Its simple; God can save with or WITHOUT any Blood sacrifice, because God is God & no blood or the lack thereof would make a difference…

Why would God give you a flesh & bone frame just to save your precious Soul…?

 Wouldn’t it be easier just to save that soul prior to its (physical birth?)  What was Wrong with keeping that (soul) where it was prior to your 1st birthday…? Giving physical Birth only guarantees that the soul in question will become corrupt due to exposure. God Who knows all things prior to anything becoming an idea in anybody’s mind would be “Guilty” of endangerment…! So, why let flesh & blood be born at all? This all means That we are all born to become eventual (food) for Mother Nature. Our rotting corps  Serve as (mulch) to all the green life that we often eat. This only means that; all the Vegetation that we've been eating up till now will (eventually) get to eat us…!

Hopefully; we will not have to recall our current earthly existences because I can Think of no greater hell to face than to be able to recall every single visit that I have Made here to old Mother Earth… Without us & the animal kingdom- Old Mother Earth Would eventually die from starvation… Welcome to Hell & May your stay here be most Heavenly until your next visit…!