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The Genesis Factor...

Jesus taught; Either make the tree good & its fruit good or make the tree bad and its fruit bad- but Genesis shows a tree that has both good & bad such as the tree of knowledge regarding good & evil. Lets say you plant a tree & put it in reach of your kids & then tell them to not ever touch it- because in the day

they touch or eat; they will surely die and then you walk away leaving the tree in reach of the dumb kids...what do you think will happen while you are gone...? Since God knows our very thought long before we even acquire an idea- why would God be so cruel as to place the fruit in Adams reach since God already knows what Adam will do? The other confusing idea is; If Man was created to live forever- why was he given food to consume at all since he was created to never die?

 Do you realize what would happen if Adam obeyed God? Since Adam & Eve- NO ONE HAS EVER DIED...& that means you, I we, all of us are standing head to foot and shoulder to shoulder 10 miles high off the earth because NO ONE EVER DIES... So either the story was a myth by a pot smoking prophet or God (intentionally) placed the fruit within reach of Adam (knowing) Adam would eat & therefor eventually die... How cruel is it to kill off your own kids with reverse psychology...?

The Same goes for the story of Abraham & Isacc; If God truly (knows) our heart & Intent, long before we aquire an idea- then God is being most cruel by (testing) anyone's faith- unless... God DOES NOT have a clue to your faithfulness, unless Abraham was high on ancient pot & trying to scare the living hell out of Isaac or Isaac's Mom into submission...?See Genesis 22 vs 1-19.

Same thing goes for Job; why would God even bother to make a wager with his own sworn enemy since God already knew Jobs heart. The story shows God allowing the murder of Jobs kids to prove a useless point & takes away all of Jobs possessions all for the sake of a cruel & useless wager. God may have doubled Jobs possessions & doubled 

Jobs children- BUT NOTHING WILL EVER replace the originals like your first born...?
There is no middle ground here; Either God KNOWS his created ones at heart or God (DONT HAVE A CLUE)... It cannot be (BOTH WAYS). So do we go with what Jesus taught or  do we go with what (supposedly) Moses taught? If you have a logical answer- then get back with me...