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Exoteric Vampireism ?

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Exoteric Vampirism ?

Vampire- in any sense of the word, all break-down to mean; "one who has an obsessive thirst for knowledge. Whats the most easy way to absorb knowledge? Are you familiar with "genetic-memory? Memory- is pure energy. Sometime referred to as (prana) ...or (chi). "Energy, in any form, cannot be destroyed according to the law of (physics.) Every cell in your body has a "memory-cell for each & every surrounding cell. 

These "memory-cells" are also referred to as; "maps" and every cell has a map of each & every surrounding cell, all the way down to the smallest of all cells called; "quarks... Even (YOU) are a "cell" which have (memory capacity) that can even bench-mark back prior to "Adam & Eve. 

The "Earth & other planets are also (cells) which only means that (you) are also a giant "memory cell with other, smaller memory-cells within you that only serve as; (memory.) Your memory is more real than your "actual past experiences- only because (memory) forces us to "re-live the past in order to FORCE us into "creating  better futures- regardless, of what this might demand from you.

 When you consume any blood or (chi-energy) from "any source" also consume the memory-cells from that "Host as well. "Memory- is pure raw energy & (raw-energy) cannot be distroyed. This is also a good reason to NOT feed from those who are considered "ill or stupid like; "pork-products & mindless neighbors  

Gothic Wear