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The Life Force...

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By; Lonnie Craig
The Mystery Of Energy

Energy is all around us- 24hr/7 days per week. Some groups of people just call it (The Force). Motion-pictures like; Star-Wars & Harry-Potter often over-rate the same energy for the sake of entertainment, yet this is the very same energies that have been known to move many hopeless mountains & even crush kingdoms...

This very same energy is not just outside of you- but is also within you. The energy is what connects every living creature to each-other, from the smallest microbe to all the land mammals & plants. It’s Very subtle and can be quite lethal or even “life-saving” if one is familiar with how to move it or “Move with it.” Every living creature including (you) & "all" (non-living substances) are all Comprised of“atoms”.

Atoms are “energy particles”. “They are alive!” yet, they are considered to be (mindless) much like a “newborn child”- Alive, but quite mindless until the child becomes more mature with age. The atom itself is like an eternal “newborn. It will never mature like the human child does.

In the Zoroastrian religion;
God is considered to be an eternal sleeping child- much like a giant atom; “mindless- but creative”. The word (creative) in any form simply means;“potential”. Prayer is the most simple tool that many use in order to move that energy- but prayer is not the only tool there is that can move this very same energy. The most powerful tool is called; “imagination” & emotion, which often include things, like witchcraft & rituals. Imagination must be trained. We all have it available 24hr/7.

Rituals & use of magick wands, athame & crystals or candles are nothing more than tools to help you focus on what you desire to take place. As you will eventually see; (focus & emotion) play a key role in the moving of this energy. I feel obligated to warn you here; Iv known of cases where the energy was used to move mountains- but the wizard was crushed by the same mountain he chose to move. So, use common sense and think ahead & measure every possible consequence of every possible outcome...

Once again with final note; “Imagination & emotion”- are the key that influences  'the force, to move.