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Dreamers Job ?

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Dreamers Job?...

We all dream- for without the dream, the (doers) have nothing to focus upon. However, if you do nothing but "dream"- then eventually the only thing left standing is still (just another unfulfilled dream). Some folks even let their age stand in the way. If you have serious health problems- let your health be your 1st project.

Start trying to find ways to improve your health performance. I tend to often think about the 76 yr old lady in our Medical Assistant class back in 1984. We clocked her typing at "293 words per minute" with no spelling errors in the typing class. That woman had 4 clinics fighting over her attention after graduation. My typing skills were clocked @ 66 words per minute. Needless to say- my speed has improved to aprox 90 words per minute at best. Then I think about a fellow office-worker; who I clocked over 300 words per minute with (no error). He was 26 yrs old back in 2005. Two years later- he was on Tarrant Countys most wanted list for armed robbery.

He had a wife & newborn at that time. This guy was one of those who you would swear up & down that "he would never do such a thing. He could have went to work anywhere making 3 time what he was making back then and at the age of 28- he threw it all away because of a moment of desperation. His mug-shot was all over "Google & other sites until about 2 years ago. 

Im just assuming that the Bad-boys in blue finally caught up with him. I still wish him & his family the best- but that one single moment of desperation changed his life forever. Evidentlly, he didnt do too much dreaming. More like "wishfull wanting. He was on "anabolic-steroid injections in 2006

The only reason I knew this was due to the fact he asked me on several occassion to do the honors & give him the injection. I used to use those too for over 10 years as a weight-lifting junkie back in the good ol days. That was long before we knew about the dangers of long-term use today. His life will never be normal again & his family will never be the same either- all because of one single desperate moment, & his career potential will be extreamly limited ...forever. So, Please think before you act- because there are somethings that not even God can fix... or repair. "God will always forgive & forget- (but) "Man with all his self-rightious law makers..."will never forgive ...nor forget 
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