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Aka; "magic-mirror technique...
By; Lonnie Craig

How is your acting skills? 

Because you will need to be @ your best for this little trick; "In most secrete sociaties & cult circles including "Church of Scientology, the following method is used to (rescue) anyone from "addictive habits & behaviours, & of course (ad-libbing) is always allowed.

President Winston Churchill was famous for using the same method. "Take any mirror. Stare deeply into the eyes of the reflection. "DO NOT LOOSE eye-contact...

Now- with deep conviction;

& just like any great "stage actor, tell your reflection; "why did you quit (whatever?) six months to a year ago? 

"If you are trying to escape any given habit- you might need to repete several times a day. Even if your "BODY" is not ready or willing, you will begin to notice a difference in your current consciousness. Its very subtile in nature- but you will begin to see & "feel a difference in your whole body & mind. Whenever you get the craving for (whatever)- simply repete the same trick. 

You can even use a recording of your own voice which is even better, since you are most likely to pay heed to your own voice vs "someone-elses voice". Record your commands to your-self in a "whisper as well as "bold & demanding. Play the commands on "low during (sleep or Meditation). Play it on "loop or repete as often as you feel the need for "support. Dont worry about falling off the wagon. "ignore the fall. Falls never count as a strike or foul- just keep going thru the NLP exersizes noted above. 

You did not become a smoker or drinker or "over-eater" in one single nite, so give yourself the break you deserve, as a "human-being. "Patients & focus are the key to trashing (any) bad & dangerous habit. @ least try the "magick-mirror method for the next (3) days & take note of the subtile changes. "Suggested script for bad habits; "Why did you give-up (whatever?) over six months to a year ago? Sound & try to look convincing to your mirror image.

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