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Victim VS Witness...?


It is often said by many that; “we all get what we deserve...?” Its statements like these which make me to question the sanity of those who dare to say such things. For a good example; what about all those children under the age of accountability who lost their Lives in the bombing of the world trade center? What did they do to deserve such a Painful death? Many would-be clerics teach that the kids are in a better place & God Took them away to punish the parents? What about the parents that perished with their Underage kids in the same bombing? Where is the lesson in that one? Shortly after the Bombing- a world renowned minister said on a public news platform that the bombing was due to the sins of America...? What did sinful America learn from that preacher?


Im sure that most of you agree that if “god” chose that preacher to help lead sinful America back into the fields of “righteousness” then god must be just as much of a Lunatic as the ones that God (allegedly chooses?) It’s either this- or God was given No “choice in choosing”.  Most of us were taught that (many are called) but few are chosen- yet, we are also taught that “God knows the future” and can see all things even prior to any idea being born within the mind of the (thinker?) If God already knows the Future & what it holds- why would god need to “test his created ones” over their devotion? Why test their faithfulness if god already knows how faithful they are and knows how faithful they shall come to be? Either god knows or god doesn’t have a clue!


It cannot be “both ways.” IV even had a few clergies tell me that; God didn’t want to know (or) god was more interested in showing those created beings their own faults...?


Let me ask this; those of you who have kids- do you ever worry about them? Do you Ever worry about their well-being? IV got two grown ones who have kids of their own and Im always worrying about them & now with grandkids- I worry about them too...I would expect no less from a real (living god). If god truly knows our thoughts- then God is wasting time. If it’s true that god knows all of the ones who will be saved & which Ones who shall never repent- then God may as well destroy all of those whom god knows will never turn thru repentance... (Right?) Why not just get it all over with?  Why bother to allow the world to keep giving birth to (sinners who will never be saved?) Currently,


In our day & time- we can surgically remove the part of the brain which controls our Desires & appetites. Why can’t god allow the sinner to be born without (sinful desire?) Most of us are taught that we are (all sinners) from the day of birth till the day of death And in order to be forgiven of our sinful natures- we first must confess that sinfulness To God? (Why?) Since god already knows how sinful the sinner is- why would god require an (oral confession?) Confession may be good for the soul- but confession is even better for those who demand to hear it from the lips of the “confessor.”  God doesn’t need our confessions anymore than I need confessions from my own kids just to forgive their  short-comings. Only the victims of the confessor demand confession. 1/3ed of us Are (victims) and 1/3ed are (potential confessors.) The rest of us are called; Judges...Which one are “you...?” The juries are only the left & right handed paths of the judge.


Jesus taught; “Judge not- if you don’t desire to be judged”-so, if you don’t desire to be judged, you can only be a “victim...(or) potential confessor. Which one are you...? The silent witness can be (both) or either one.  

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Justice Vs Revenge...?


The differences between these two are (the spelling). Justice is “legalized revenge” based upon a democratic voting process.


A process, which often ends in “Jury Duty”...Revenge, is nothing more than (justice, minus the voting process) which saves tax dollars. How can we tell if we have the guilty in custody & not the (innocent?) All we have are; Assumptive conclusions based upon any given evidence & testimony of key witness’s...


(But) how can we know that the evidence in question is “reliable?” How do we know the Evidence was not tampered with? or invented to point towards the accused...? We don’t.” Most often- we as (the people) are encouraged to “trust” the law & trust the law makers & to (Trust) the law enforcers. Once again, we are force-fed to have faith in the system- A system that I might add; only works for the rich & middle-class. This has not changed Since the days of the ancient Egyptian Kings.


God cares nothing for the poor or for the (innocent) otherwise the poor & innocent would always be exonerated in the Very beginning prior to any accusations being made thereof. I helped send an innocent Victim to prison over 35 years ago due to the prosecutions team withholding key evidence, which would have set the victim free after the arrest- I even prayed about it prior to the trial.


When the victim died in prison due to torcher & being burnt to death by inmates- 6-7 years later, the real culprit comes forth on his Death-bed confession.


The victim spent only 9 years in prison after his conviction. When I received this bit of news- In that day, I lost all my trust in the legal system & all trust in “a God” That I was taught since child-hood who would always defend the poor- downcast, & (forgotten).


I guess, “God” forgot all about it...”however” (I Will Not!) & I refuse to trust in the system any longer. Since that time- I have chosen to exercise my own brand of (justice). My own Brand demands that there be (no living witness’s...“And no jury...!” “Only the Judge who there-after’ serves as the executioner- For such is the simple life of the Vampire...! - The best underground community site for Gothic people to find soul mate, love, dating and friends!

Faith Vs Hope.

Subtitled; Key to fulfilling desires


What is the difference?

Most clergy agree that (faith) is made of substance "un-seen" much like (the wind). We can feel & see the outcome. We can experience What the wind does- but cannot see the wind itself. We can only witness it while it bends & blows thru the trees & even via "tornado" Or un-seen) contain "atoms" & the atom is the smallest element of "any" unit regardless of Size or contour... Hope is nothing more Than (desire) to experience "particular outcomes" of any given circumstance. Faith can move mountains- but not every Mountain can be Moved by "faith". If that Mountain does not need to be moved in order to appease your desire, then that mountain will be a tough move. Just because God can raise the dead- does not mean that; God is obligated to do so each & every time.


If God were ever truly concerned about our wants & needs- then, no-one would ever HAVE a (need)..."think about it". Im quoting a very Famous TV preacher who is no Longer among us. His ideology points to the idea that God can even (remove your desires) so that You could never have a (need!) I have to admit that- this is the most critical thinker of any TV preacher IV ever heard. Why does God Allow us to be tempted with (desire?) God's own nature is based upon & within; (creationism)- much Like an artist. As a (human)- you Have a nature-based desire to (create) which includes possible (destructive art-form) on your part...We are all born with a (god-given Desire) to "create- such as the desire to hunt for & obtain food in order to sustain our families.  Hope is relevant to; those who need it.


Those of us who have no desire- also have (no needs). You can be as poor as a church-mouse, and still have “no need or desire.’ You Can also have all the money in the world & still be the most needy on the face of the planet. If you have “no desire- then you already Possess everything that you need at that moment- so, how  Do we Obtain that which we desire...? You must first convince yourself That what you (desire) is “Gods will...!”  Sometimes this demands you to put away (written laws). This includes whatever you consider To be any heavenly made Mandate & many times, includes (man-made or nature-based laws).  This does not protect you from any Given Law, but merely hides them from you for the time being. Keep in mind; this does not excuse you from “man-made penalties” nor Does it exclude you from all the penalties pelted-out by the hands of; Old Mother Nature.


The smart thing to do is first ask yourself; “what will happen” after I fulfill that which I KNOW I DESERVE...? Then be ready to deal with The domino-effect of the Consequence of that Desire. The trick is in the (gnosis) or (KNOWING) that you really deserve that which you Seek... Then do what you must in order to (fulfill that Desire) be it by witchcraft- sorcerery,  brainwashing, or even; brute force... As for The Faith that cannot move mountains- this is what back-hoes,  shovels & stun-guns are for. Just remember; some desires can sometime Lead you into the execution-chamber or into the hands of local lynch-mobs that did not like you anyway. Just be ready to die over the Fulfillment of those desires & then- 9 times out of 10, the outcome will not  be so... “Disappointing’.  Nothing in this old world is free- Everything has its own price-tag, like in some restaurants of Eastern Europe- you don’t get to see the price tag until you have finished Your meal & are ready to check-out , so be sure that the meal is well worth the price before indulging. Sounds like my grand-mother Who Use to yell at us; ‘Don’t go near the water till you know how to swim...! 

...(Knowing) that you are worthy of your desire is the key.





"Where do we go from here?"
Every great nation that has ever existed, has eventually come to end. The glory of Egypt & The Roman empire was expected to last forever. These great nations ruled with fist of iron & their beauty was empecable- no other nations with so much wealth & political power was like unto them yet, after 1000's of years, those governments came to a close & now only a few stragglers still hang-on to the ghost's of greatness.
The USA is only a little over 200 yrs old & what have we learned from those ghost's of the past...? (Not much) I can assure you. We are the most wastefull & "over weight" country that has ever existed since the start of the Great Roman Empire & the beauty of ancient Egypt.
Waste of natural resources in those ancient days were considered criminal. As of this day- Its way too late to go (green).
If our grandkids survive the outcome, It would only be their great-great grandkids that (might) be able to benefit from great-great-great granddads efforts of (going green)..."the ozone" is already beyond repair & now... We are all slowly cooking. The summers are becomming much much hotter & the winters are becomming much colder- yet, the four seasons are also becomming confused by starting early & ending early...From a Geo-physics point of view- this is not a good sign. Crops have a tendancy to perish in out-of-season weather which effects the price of produce @ your favorite stores. + Out-of-season produce have a tendancy to produce disease infested (micro-bugs) which is now forcing many producers to go (organic) which just means; they often grow their stuff under-glass or in closely guarded "green-Houses"...which force the price of produce upwards. Just off the cuff; Did you know that all the islands on the globe are getting smaller in size...?
Its due to two major reasons; (over-population) & rise of the ocean level which is caused by the melting of the ice-caps. What can we do...? When the end comes upon us- let us pray that (we) are at; "ground zero" because all those who survive will be the ones who will be left to help clean-up the mess-so, make sure you have a great broom & a (ton) of "heavy-duty" glad bags...just in case-Its a well known fact that "nothing" will last (forever) & "no" flesh & blood has ever entered the heavenly kingdom... I suppose you already know what that means; Before you can enter that kingdom, your flesh & blood must first be (demised)..."what?" did you plan on living forever?
What if you should wind up being the only living (human) on this planet with no living person or live animal to bond with...? Including no tree to hug? Would you really want to live "forever?"
To be the last person alive on earth...? It could happen. Because where there is life- there shall always be conflict. Where there is ANY voice- there shall always be wars & -rumors thereof...!


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Regarding Streets Of Gold;
Many often Seek Streets Of Gold & Marble Castles In The Air- But, If We Are To Be Like The Angels Who Can Pass Thru Walls- What Good are Castles With Rooms and Walls Be…?
Many Dare To Think; we Are Born As Humans To One Day Have our Mortal Souls Saved? But- Were They Not Already Saved Prior to our Birth? What Was Wrong In Staying Where we Were Prior To This Human Form?
Are we not already condemned by exposure to the Elements Through our Birthday? Does God Have A Room for You in Heaven? What Good Is It-Since ANY Angel Has Access To It? What will you hang On YOUR Wall? Will You Have Cable Or Video Games? Will You Grow A Garden in Your Room?

Perhaps Your Room Will Be Empty Except For Your Ghostly Presents Within It? Will You Play Games With all The Other Ghost By Running Thru Each Other?…Will You Be A Guardian of Your Human Family Who Were Left Behind When You died…? “How will you help to guard them?” What If God Don’t Want You To guard them…? What If God TELLS YOU to Be their Executioner By Becoming Their Angel of Death…? “Will You Obey God In That Day…?
Perhaps We Will All Just Dangle Our Ghostly Feet in the famous Clear River That Flows From the Throne of God…? Perhaps Throw stardust at each other…? Perhaps come back here to Earth & haunt our relatives? (or)… just stay in our floating castle & keep count of all the stars that burn out and perhaps wonder if there are any more floating castles out there other than this one in heaven that we occupy…? Besides; Earth is not a planet anyway- take a much closer look & you will see a (PLANT) not (a planet)…& not just (any) ol common plant. Some would theorize it as a fungus.
It’s a carnivorous Plant. It eventually eats “everything” but its main staple is called; (putrefied Flesh & bone) which it uses to mulch & nutrify all the plant life that inhabits it. Think of Earth as a gigantic “Venus fly trap” and all the animals & humans are the flies that it consumes- & yes, it is growing and prayerfully we can always hope that we wont ever have to remember how many times we’ve been here, because I can think of no greater Hell than to recall every single trip we’ve made here since prior to Adam and Eve…!
Many scriptures speak of a land Where we’ll never ever grow old- a land where there is no pain- no sorrow, or tears-(but)…”WOW!” I just described; “Death” for in death; there is no pain-no sorrow- (and) no tears and in order to experience any of these above, you must first have “nerve endings”…& NO ghost has nerve endings.
Nerve endings are much like tiny micro-scopic veins that transmit emotion & pain including (pleasure) as well as “fear” including; Boldness… Angels don’t have nerve-endings either- so, “joy” would also be impossible to experience while in the state of (death). Do you still believe in castles in the air…?
(whisper;) Just keep on dreaming little dreamer… and, If your lucky- you’ll never have to (awaken) but the test of life will not begin until you decide to finally wake up after birth…!so, What’s my message…? Death as well as (Life) are all (passing) experiences…& “so-called salvation” is nothing more than empty, and personified hopes of all "the DREAMERS" who mindlessly keep seeking for streets of solid gold.
Famous Bible Bloopers;
The bible tell us that; God made the heavens & earth- but never explains why God created them @ all except for the lame excuse; “for his pleasure…?”.???If God is truly a (spirit) how then can God experience "pleasure" since no spirit has nerve endings which are needed in order to experience pleasure...(?)
"Nerve endings" are also needed in order to feel (anger). "love", (resentment),...even (fear). Without nerve endings- none of the above can be experienced...Just keep in mind; that, even though God can't get mad at you- its a well known fact that many of "Gods kids" can exercise their own "maddness" upon you- so, keep a well loaded gun or sharp sword close by ...just in case...

The bible goes on to say that “God” has the ability to See trillions of lite years into the future & also tells us that “God” knows everything from beginning to end & even knows our thoughts prior to us ever having a one…so, if all that’s true- why would an intelligent God Create man-kind at all since God (knew) well in advance that Man would eventually disobey Gods (alledged) commands according to (an old book)?
Better yet- why would God invent any kind of (forbidden fruit?) Better yet- why create fruit of any kind since Adam & Eve would never need (food) to survive, since they were created to live (forever?) ..Am I the only one left in the world that seeks such answers?
“Reincarnation” or “sub-atomic cellular regeneration” is the only logical answer to all the gray areas regarding the subject of (biblical based death.)
An (intelligent) and (loving) God @ the start of creation would (trash) ALL (forbidden fruits) or at least would put the forbidden fruit out of reach & out of sight from curious Adam & Eve- Or are you one of those parents who gladly place poison in reach of your toddlers then tell them; “Do Not Touch”…& then leave them alone to attend your other chores?
That’s what "The BIBLE" tells us about what this loving God did in regards to Adam & Eve. Keeping in mind that Adam & Eve “never” died Before & therefore could have no idea what the words; “surely die” was supposed to mean… so, therefore; we were all born to eventually one day…(die!)
Tree Of Life...?
Since God created ALL OF LIFE- this would prove that; THE Tree Of (LIFE) would have served no purpose in the beginning of time nor even in the end- & since God is supposed to have the power of resurrection, this also proves that the tree of (LIFE) had never served any purpose then nor does it serve any purpose today.

Historically, we are all (thought-to-be) "quote" fallen Angels- according to what Moses taught including from the Talmud saying; Angels & demons have no free will- so if they have no free will, how can they become fallen since all they do is “Gods will without question? If Moses was wrong about this- what else was he wrong about in the Torah & Talmud? (Or) perhaps it was his transcribers that lied about what Moses really taught them…?

Why would God even need a transcriber or Prophet when God has (you?) If God truly wants you to know (ANY) Truth- then an intelligent God Will not trust mortal man nor words in stone nor a “burning bush to read it by- Because God already has your current address & even your future ones!
God has never needed the help of (ANY) man to delegate divine protocol and (any) God that does require the help of man is not God @ all- but is just “another god” that was carved from (common) stone… Just remember; God is God & God can save anyone (without) a blood sacrifice- Even I, as a parent & grandfather would save my kinfolk regardless of their in-born evils & I will NOT expect any less from the Heavenly Father who can raise the dead without utilizing a (so-called); tree of life … or blood sacrifice from any source.
So, What is “Life?”…Life is a song that must be sung twice in order to enjoy it once more And (YES)- you WILL sing again, just like we all have done since prior to Adam …and prior to Eve…
From Nothing To Something;
In the beginning of time- there was (no beginning). Time was created by “man” as only a tool to divide his self imposed duties including his choice of vanities. When we claim that there was a beginning- we are then forced to ask; (what was before the beginning?)...When we insist that there are edges in outer-space- we are then forced to ask; (What is beyond the very outer edge?) When we say that there is an end of time- we are then forced to ask; (What is beyond the end of time?)

Every (solid) thing came into being from what appears to be nothingness or subatomic particle until enough pieces come together which eventually gives birth to the solid mass- which also include all biologic lifeforms, but these same particles are also full of pure energy which are only drawn to particular energy particles which mirror their own energy patterns...
From this very same process- planets & stars came into being. The subatomic particles eventually came together to form those very same stars & planets we see today. The sun, which is a ball of gas puts off heat & the heat- when mixed with clay & moisture gave life to microbial lifef.

In fact; you & I including the largest mammoth all the way down the line to the simple fruit flies all the way down to the smallest of insect all share the very same basic genetic DNA code's.
I used to be troubled when I learned we have DNA codes that trace back to the monkeys...then most recently, the world of science & biology discovered our DNA codes from the gnat's to the largest mammal's share the very same biologic DNA strains- which means; From the smallest of all microbial lifeforms to the the largest mammoth, “we are all related” according to DNA codes.
This also gives more meaning to the term; (we are one) which has been a common “religious” metaphor to all new-age groups since the times prior to the great Egyptian kings. This recent finding also takes us for a quantum leap forward to understanding ourselves on a much deeper level- which in turn also gives us hints about why we act & inter-mingle as a society of human & animal...

So next time you get attacked by a bunch of blood-sucking mosquitoes , just remember; beforeyou kill them that you & they are all related...but then again- so was Cain & Able.
Who was it that said; :”Blood is thicker than water...?” Try telling that to “Able” or to the dead parents who were murdered by their kids just so they could get an early inheritance. It is (water) that gives birth to blood within the womb...not the other way around & conscience is always adopted by its user.
Conscience can never be trained into a child- “conscience” can only be adopted. Muchlike “wisdom”... It cannot be taught- it can only be adopted by choiceof the user regardless of who inspired the wisdom in question.

The apostle Paul taught that; Where there is no (law), there can be no condemnation- which simply means; the “law” must first exist within you as an idea of right vs wrong. To take a crass example, lets say your in an ally with no way out- yet you see a very hungry lion slowly approach you. Most likely it will be growling- but in truth the poor thing isn't mad @ you- it's just hungry.
Lets say that you manage to kill it. There are tons of bleeding-heart liberals who will call you a killer who deprived a starving animal of a meal- never mind the idea that (you) were going to be the meal in question. It's now “2009” & the number of hungry lion's have increased by triple digit since 1960... Which one will you feed out of “guilt?” Be careful how you answer- because...the day may come when out of unseen circumstance-you may very well become the next hungry lion in question...
Crash Course In Universal Physics
Subtitled; How Things In Nature Work
Everything in this universe travels in circles. Even triangles are looped into a circle. If you start at any point within a circle or triangle or square& start to trace from any starting point- you will eventually return to your origin of starting Point of (A) all the way back around to point (A) again.

Every solid substance, including biologic life-forms have within it “trillions” of cells, & Within each & every cell- there are much smaller cells without numbers & even within each & every (smaller cell) you will find “more cells” even beyond the level Of sub-atomic perception thru the eye of an electron-microscope…
Seeds are the same way- within every seed- you will find (more) seeds much smaller than the original seed & within the smallest seed- you will find (smaller seeds). There is no such thing as a “stick with one end” or a coin with “one side”…neither a blade of Grass with one single edge.

Regarding cells within the human body; every cell travels in a rightward direction. Not only do they travel in a rightward direction- they also spin in a rightward Direction…Here is the amazing part; every planet within our universe also rotate In a rightward manner according to our bodies personal observation… according To the electron-microscope view of the cell life within “plants”-the traffic of the plants cells within the plant also travel in the rightward direction & every cell within the human body has its very own (memory-cell) or “map” of each & every Surrounding cell. Those memory cells are what keeps all solid form in its original Shape.
If the memory cell becomes injured or corrupted- the form begins to rot & the older your body becomes- the less of memory cells are found in number within The solid form…(one catch) The memory-cell is “electronic” in its own primordial nature…

Your brain manufacture’s memory cells as needed- but the cells show depletion As we age… DHEA aka; Dehydroepiandrosterone slows down the aging process.Iv experimented off & on with this nature based steroid in my own lab for over 30 yrs & have discovered it is the “Mother-load” of natures steroid. I now take the 25mg 2-3 times Per day.
You can get it @ Walmart- Walgreens & Every Health supplement store… & (yes) Iv noticed a “miracle ” change in my memory pattern. Nothing else has helped & Iv tried everything else you can think of to repair my short-term memory problem, which Iv had since early child-hood. “Glutathione” is another key natural sterol of which several labs are using now to combat the Aids virus...

And; What to expect
When I had my (9 minute) clinical-death experience back in 1974, I was Curious to know if “others” who went thru the same thing ever experienceSomething different- and the ones I had opportunity to speak with pretty Much had the same experience to report such as passing out only to wakeup In the middle of a giant ocean of light which had a “brighter” area in the shape Of an egg shaped sphere.

The circle of light seemed to draw me in like a vacum to it’s Center core. Upon reaching the entryway, I met Granddad Roy. I couldn’t see His face- but I recognized his voice. His whole body was like a living shadow. He simply said; “so, you think your ready for this…? He then stepped aside as I was suctioned into the giant sphere of light. What only took (9) minutes seemed More like (9 hours). 
The really strange part was when I discovered That I had an ancestry connection to all the main characters involved in that experience. Since that time, many books started coming out on the subject of; Clinical death & (Near-death experience)… The differences between the two are very substantial; “Death is cold-stone stiff” with no pulse, no brainwave activity, no Heartbeat, no breath & this was my experience. I even revived to discover I was Wearing a (toe-tag) which means;
game over…!
Does that make me a Zombie? Or…Vampire…? I feel the experience only makes me (experienced) to know what’s In store & waiting beyond the (so-called) final deathbed…

Truth About God & Time...
As a Writer- Iv had opportunity to travel the world on many occasions. Had the opportunity to work with many people who tend to View God as a (mindless) creative/destructive life-force, "energy field"...but the truth is; God can only address you according to your own (personal) expectation of what you (really) expect from God.
By my own experience as an "Angel Magi" since (preteen)- I have done tons of experiments involving the personality of "God" & according to my life experience, God will go out of the way to deliver unto you of what you (truly) expect..."not hope"...nor guess- but what you truly expect.
I talk to angels  & demons all the time- but I only get a little spooked when they answer- such questions like; why does (biologic life) even exist? An angel answers back with a powerfull question; Why does an artist paint? Why does a Farmer grow crops? Why does a musician write & play music? Why do we have children?...
The answer to them all is (passion). Simple creative passion. An artist dont expect his painting to out-live the Egyptian pyramids- but hopes the work of his hand will be reconized & adored and hopes the work in question will bring joy & fulfillment to those whom the demised artist leaves behind.
The answer is;"CreativePassion" (or) lustfied ambition like any other animal.
An Angel once asked me; What is the most important asset in the world? I said; I really dont know. The Angel said (time) is the most important- because without (time) you cannot enjoy your moments with those whom you love. Without time- You would never be able to do (anything) with what wealth you may have!
King Solomon became a reclusive prisoner within his own marble-castle because of (wealth) & the fear of loosing that same wealth. His kids moved away in their early teens- because, he no longer had (time) for them. He had tons of wealth to leave them- but he never had enough (time) to give those kids. His kids didnt need his "wealth"...they needed his (TIME!)
How much time do you give your kids- because, they can obtain wealth from anywhere-but they cannot obtain time from dad except (FROM DAD)... You can give your kids all the wealth in the world, However" If you dont give them your time- you may one day find yourself at the mercy of their bitterness & in rare case; (bitterness) can become a; chain-saw or "blow-tourch" or (shot-gun shell) in the childs hands while you sleep...I think you catch my drift on that one...."Sweet Dreams!"
By; Lonnie Craig/Phd
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