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Weapons Of Warfare

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Spirit Weapons/Mp3

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Weapons Of Spirit Warfare.

Most knowledgeable clergy already know that a crucifix can protect the wearer only; if The crucifix was blessed & dedicated unto the God of which it represents…


If the crucifix is intentionally (cursed) by a Sorcerer or Satanic-minded wizard and if Then the same crucifix is given, as a gift to the targeted subject- the outcome is much Like the “Trojan horse effect to the one who wears it.

Anyone can curse a crucifix or Any kind of trinket or (flowers) or any-kind of gift in which is given to the (target) as A peace offering…

Here is how to prepare yourself to “curse” a gift you wish to befall upon your target; Draw an even cross such as; (+) on the ground. Some folks burn 4 black candles placed at the 4 ends of the cross. Place the gift in the very center of the cross. 

Now stand with both feet together, facing the cross in front of you. Begin to stare at the Center of the cross where the gift is. After about sixty seconds- begin to slowly close your eyes & slowly raise both hands above your head in the shape of a (V). Begin to Whisper in a loud rasping tone; “I invoke, all the dark powers that be- to come and Manifest your powers within me- Purging my heart into the blackest of all coal- indwell me now the fullness of Satan’s “still-born” soul. 

Now- let your body become Stiff & rigid. After about 30 seconds to one minute in this position, then lower your left hand & point rigidly at the gift & whisper softly; I curse thee in the name of the dark-lord & lady & I command thee to serve me as my (living curse) unto the heart-mind, & soul of;(name of your target) “from this day forth & forever more! Now take a few deep, slow breaths.

Gently, kneel & blow out each candle starting from the bottom candle & Then blow out the far right one- then the top & then finally the far left one. And now; Offer your gift to your target or have someone offer it for you, which is even better…

Don’t tell the (messenger boy/girl) that the gift is cursed- because the gift may not reach The target…”however” if the messenger chooses to keep the gift- you’ll know within 3 To 7 Days that the messenger chose to keep the gift for themselves. You can also curse coins or (paper-money) to loan unto your target/victims. Cute stuffed toy animals also Work just as well…:)


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