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Custom-Personal Mp3's

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Isochronic brainwave entrainment.

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The "Ambiant-sleep below needs to be played
on low & set player for repeat or loop...

Ambient-sleep, Full Version Mp3

The following; Healer Mp3 subliminal/NLP below can be downloaded to any mp3 player or desk-top. Volume needs to be set on "low or faint. Best results are with ear-pods. Use anytime during day or nite.The magic is not in what you hear- but in what you (dont hear)

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Personalized Mp3-Subliminals ;

Make Your Own Subliminal Mp3-Messages;

If you've searched on the internet and can't quite find the subliminal message to fill your needs, consider making a custom subliminal instead. I will happily record a custom 15 minute subliminal session, tailored to your exact needs.

Write your own script and I will record it for you with ocean waves or "stormy background music, masking track or choose Silent. If you want to make your own subliminal that addresses to you only, -just let me know ...

Messages to be effective follow these rules:

1- Use the first person "I" or "me"

2- You should use present tense, even if you desire to be rich. Instead of "I will be rich" use "I am rich" think about you as if you already achieved your chosen goal. It must be worded as if your desire has already been reached.

3- Do not use negations or double negation. 
One good way to say “I am not smoking” is “I am smoke free". Instead of "I am not sad" say" I am happy"

If you need a script for any "givin reason- but cant think of how to word it; "Just give me as much detail about the issue or, problem involved as much as you can & I will word the "subliminal Mp3 that will fit or address the issue at hand. I will then set it up as a "downloadable Mp3 file & then email you the link on where to locate it.

"Cost ?" ...Its Free. No membership or sign-up or "sign-in needed. "

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