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What Is "Desire?
Its a 'heart-felt prayer. Some desires are deep, while others are just a passing- fleet of vanity or wish, such as the common phrase,  "Gee I wish I had one of those & then walking away to never give it another thought. It was Dr Edgar Casey, who taught that (thoughts are things) & I assume he meant that "thoughts are potential things. Any-time you see or hear the word "potential"- it means (seed).
How do we get any seed to grow? We tend & water it on a consistant basis every day or every 2-3 days. What do we need to do between watering? Rest, try to wipe the desire from our minds- this in turn launches our desire or prayer into the universe- allowing the energies of that desire to seek & search for that what we wish to "take place.
Desire is "emotion & emotion is pure raw energy. In Christian-based theology, "We are to make our request with boldness & then "Give Thanks in advance for receiving those things which we desire- just like we have already received it. Sort of like thanking your banker for a loan you havent physically received yet. This "thankfulness, is the magical key needed in order to launch our desire into the void of the universe. You may even need to make several launches in order to convince the powers that be- that you are serious...& if 
you make several launches per day or every-other day; "Dont forget the "thankfulness after every launch and keep in mind; some seeds grow faster or (slower than others). Seeds take time to grow. I recall something an old Sufi I had befriended in Trinity Park of Fort Worth who taught me that "Even time-  takes time to grow only because "time" was a man-made concept. If we can get past our own concept of time & un-create time within us as individuals- then the waiting period toward that prayerful-desire is made shorter... The "launch & thank-you principal" is the very same principal also advocated by Pagan-based covens since times prior to the first Pharos of Egypt. But, Be careful of what you pray for- because you may not like the baggage which often comes with the package in the long run..."Trust me, Been there-done that...:) 

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The Magic Bullet Of Santeria

Back in the early days of Psychology folks that were depressed or suffering from chronic worry & anxieties were told By their therapist to (act out their depressive & aggressive moods) by attacking a punching bag or stuffed animal during Group sessions. This very same trick has always been used as a Magic bullet for Voodoo & Egyptian priests since Prior to Moses.

Depression, aggression & worry are all (trapped energy). All of these emotions may be most undesirable- but they are All (pure raw energy) that needs to ventilate or an internal physical breakdown can occur over the passage of time Which can also eventually lead the sufferer to become psychotic & a danger to ones self & others. Meditation simply Suppresses) that anger & aggression- meditation does not (defuse it). It simply puts the painful emotion in a neutral 
State of being.

The magic bullet is still in use today in our hospitals, clinics & research centers all around the world. In ancient times; The Voodoo priest’s were the psychoanalyst & psychiatrist of their generation & the practice of the magic bullet Method has not changed- this is why when using voodoo dolls- the user needs to focus that aggression upon the Voodoo doll as if the doll is the physical victim. “Emotion” is the trigger. The aggression is the bullet…& (you) the Priest or priestesses are the smoking gun. Just like in the eastern art of Zen- you must become (one) with the pins That you use to stick into the doll…

If you, as the operator simply stuff your voodoo doll with pins until the doll can’t be seen & you fail to focus (aggression) On the doll as if it were the recipient - then you are just spinning your wheels & wasting physical energy.

Most operators saturate the pins with their own saliva, viewing their saliva as poisonous venom. In most cases it takes Anywhere from 3-7 days to see desirable outcome on there living victims. In rare cases- even 3-6 weeks. Some times, The ritual needs to be repeated…don’t give up, because practice always breeds (improvement). The only downside Iv Discovered is that the operator must (FEEL) justified in what they wish to befall their victim & the ritual must not be  Performed for the sake of greed …& now, since you have the (key)…I suggest that you use it …”most wisely."


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