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Biology Of Reincarnation

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Every Solid thing including liquids and (vapor) are comprised of molecular cells. Even you are a “cell” and within you are smaller cells. Within each of those smaller cells are even (smaller) cells all the way beyond infinity. The energy within each cell keeps the structure together. Every cell has a memory Cell or a map of each and every surrounding cell. You too have (memory) and as a cell- You have the ability to process that memory. The Earth & other planets are cells & we are the smaller cells within the universe, which is also a cell, and the energy within all those cells keeps the structures together…

Energy CANNOT be destroyed- but can be “compressed” Stretched, and even (transferred) from one solid Structure to another through conduits the pours of the solid mass. This has been done in several labs across the country. Many liquids can also be absorbed through the skin in much the same way such as liquid nicotine, either, liquid oxygen.

Every (solid) mass including (humans) have pours, which also include solid metals. Any electron microscope will Show this to be so… When our human form dies, it puts out a sent what we often call the (death-Smell) which the vapor itself can be seen under ultraviolet light.

 The vapor itself is comprised of sub-atomic molecular cells and is capable of migrating into (other) living cells that mirror its former physical likeness because (energy) is attracted to other energy molecules that pattern after its own likeness- and this means that; animals return to animals & people return as people. Remember that every cell has a (memory cell) & this is why some folks can recall secrets that were held only by the deceased in question. Intuition & memory are intimately related to each other…

Many ask; why they can’t recall their former existence? The simple answer is; they are first time arrivals & Will be able to recall they’re past next time around which @ best will be in the form of (hints) and your next time around does not depend on your sins or the lack thereof because reincarnation was based upon simple molecular biology… Not religious ideologies. (Simple) biology and nothing else…
Memory can only develop through current or (past) experience- this why very few of us can recall what we experienced from first day of birth until 3-4 years of age and by the age of 3-5, our memory Capabilities begin to become mature and of course, maturity can differ from one age group to another...

This all simply means that (God) did not put you here- It was your parents that were driven between “Love” or  Lust That got you here and (eventually) this union became a “tradition” most of us call; marriage. Keep in mind that (all) cells are subject to mutation through; (copulation) which include the cells within “you” & if you- as a cell, “copulate” you then create a “child” or (mutational) cross between you- your partner and all the relatives that have ever existed since prior to your ancestors up to the present (living) relatives. Now if that isn’t scary, “What is…?” We are not just (cells)- we are all mutations between our parents & any ancestor we have ever had and, just remember that every cell has a memory & “memory” is (Pure Energy)

OUR Dreams are nothing more than (memory) which relate to our past and current experiences which can even predate the times prior to the first man or first woman…

What happens to the body after death?

 Once It putrefies- It eventually becomes compost & the mulch helps to re-nutrify all the plant life that surrounds it…just think; All that vegetation you been eating will one day have a chance to eat you…(just an equal trade off) since prior to Adam & Eve… and prior to their grand-parents as well...