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Isochronic brainwave entrainment.

...With the right kind of "audio equipment, you can extract all of what Im saying in the back-ground. Every quote is based on possitive, self improvement & affirmations for mind-body & attitude. If you can figure out @ least (10%) of what Im saying- in the audio below, I will "snail-Mail you a free "30 minute (fully custimized) CD subliminal to your own specifications. I will 1st need a physical address or specific PO Box to mail your custom CD. My email; You can ( on the link below to download it;
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Neuro-Hypnosis: Using Self-Hypnosis to Activate the Brain for Change

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Lucid Dreaming Sleep Dream Walking Self-hypnosis Nlp

Higher Brain Function Duclutter The Mind Better Memory Faster Learning and Retention Subliminal Esp Meditation Self Hypnosis Nlp

Self-hypnosis Meditation for Breaking Through Life's Challenges

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Journey Into Meditation: Guided Meditations For Healing, Insight And Manifestation

Anxiety Free, Overcome Panic Attacks Fear Stress Learn Relaxation & Peace With Self Hypnosis Guided Meditation and Subliminal Nlp

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FREE Full-version of; "MentalMagick. No sign-up or "signin required. This Mp3-subliminal was engineered & produced to enhance psychic abilities & to help improve personal health & well being. My voice will eventually fade into the background- but I will continue to speak the NLP keys thruout the session. Can be used @ bedtime or "wide-awake. Use ear-pods for best results- Once or twice daily or as often as you feel the need for support.

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Psychic Intuition

Subliminal Weight Loss & Impulse Control, Natural Appetite Supression, Block Cortisol, Stop Night Eating, Motivation Meditation

The Art Of Seduction

Complete Confidence - Use Nlp and Hypnosis to Experience Confidence

Hypnotic Pheromone Release

Instant Weight Loss Stop Emotional Eating

Self Esteem Booster (Night Time Recording)

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Self Esteem Booster (Night Time Recording)

Release Stress and Anxiety With Nlp and Hypnosis

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Hypnosis that Helped 100,000 Clients - Hynotherapy - Sleep Deprivation - Sleep Deep and Restful

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Complete Confidence - Use Nlp and Hypnosis to Experience Confidence

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Grieving Well Healthy Grief & Ease The Bereavement Process - Peace Relaxation Hypnosis Subliminal Sofeggio Binaural Meditation

Become A Mind-master Now

Achieve Your Goals Self Hypnosis Subliminal & Trance Meditation


Law Of Attraction Wealth and Abundance

Instant Weight Loss Stop Emotional Eating

Healing the Inner Child - Let Go of the Past and Move Forward Using Nlp and Hypn

Releasing Energy For Change Self Help Hypnosis - Single

Subliminal Powerful Increase of Focus and Memory: Binaural Beat Brainwave Subliminal Systems

Sleep Deeply (Guided Relaxation)

Extreme Will Power & Total Motivation Self Hypnosis

Journey Into Meditation: Guided Meditations For Healing, Insight And Manifestation

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Beta Binaural Lucid Dreaming

The Art Of Seduction

Expressive Personality - Develop Personal Magnetism Using Nlp and Hypnosis Mp3 A

From Depression to Hope - Nlp and Hypnosis Mp3 to End Depression and Experience

Super Memory Enhancement Self-hypnosis And Sound Therapy

Stop Smoking (Hypnosis Track)

Healing Power Self Hypnosis

Subliminal Powerful Increase of Focus and Memory: Binaural Beat Brainwave Subliminal Systems

Lucid Dreaming Sleep Dream Walking Self-hypnosis Nlp

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Release Your Inner Artist Break Open Blocks Unlock Creativity Passion & Motivation Relax Meditation Hypnosis Solfeggio Harmonics

Commune With Your Spirit Guide

Be More Productive

Overcoming Shyness - Ocean Waves

Hypnosis And Releasing Energy For Change Self Hypnosis Mp3

Finish What You Start Hypnosis

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