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MoJo Magic In A Bottle

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Mojo Magic Simplified...
Your Own Genie In A Bottle;

Most folks already know that our (sub-conscience) is what’s classified as our inner guide to all the outer & inner worlds. I still often hear folks say; let your conscience be your guide, which is still practical wisdom in our day, & age- but does not always serve our best interest at heart. Most of the time, it only serves the entire universal interest. What it often does is just lead us into paths that serve community interest only. But, did you know that it could be trained? Just what are the physical properties of this “sub-conscience?” Its physical properties are made up of (pure raw energy). It is also able to listen to your hearts deepest desire- but it will not work against your own Sense of right & wrong. Did you know that you can “bottle” your conscience? Our own sense of right & wrong can often get in our way- so, why not bottle it? (How?)

First take an amulet, necklace, ring, or prayer-beads or even your favorite rosary- it can be old or new. It can even be a good-luck charm or lucky penny or piece of a Cloth you might favor. It can even be a wooden nickel on a kite string. As long as you can wear it against your skin. This is the most common tradition since the dawning of time. The simple format goes as follows; Draw a 360 degree circle on the floor or table. It can be an imaginary circle. It doesn’t need to be any wider than a common milk-jug. If you don’t have a magic wand or athame, which is a (double-edge bladed knife) Sometime called a “Seax or (Yag-Durk) found also at; ( you can buy them both ready made and even make them yourself which is actually better. Because the ones you make are more personal & more meaningful. Your personal connection to it has personalized magic properties embedded into it automatically.

Be sure the wand or/ knife are properly dedicated to the Gods & Goddesses of your own choosing. If you’re not sure which ones to dedicate them to- you need to do a little homework & study all the (attributes) of both God & Goddesses. You can even do a GoogleSearch for all of them or even goto; ( to look them up & search for the ones whose attributes you find most appealing. 

Most of them you can even download as free jpegs to run on your copier or even order the little hand-carved statuette thru the vast host of on-line stores available nation wide. You most likely live close by a store located in your neighborhood. WitchVox also has a list of stores you can order from on-line. I have ordered from both, so I know they can be trusted. The double edged knife is more popular in the moving of energies which is What we will be dealing with here. There are many forms of dedication rituals, but the one we will be dealing with has a touch of Chaos/Vampire magic that I have used myself in the recent past. You can even download dedication rituals for free from the same sites.

Assuming you have the wand or athame- let us begin; first become barefooted. You can wear a robe if you have one- if not, you can perform it nude, which is also called the Gardenian way. Dem the lights- have 2 candles of your favorite color. Set one to the left of the circle & the other one to the right side. Set a small mirror at the top of the circle. Light up 2 of your favorite incense which can be stick or brick- set one to the outside edge of the left candle & the other at the outside edge of the right candle. Now slowly outstretch you’re your knife to the heavens as if you were trying to reach into the clouds. 

If you’re a lefty, then use your left hand. Now slowly close your eyes & in a bold (whispering) tone say; I invoke all the powers & authority of (name-of God) and (name-of-goddess) to come into me,

 I INVOKE THEE now- come unto me- I invoke thee- come into me...(now). “Keep your eyes closed & keep the knife outstretched” take a few slow deep breaths & gently open your eyes and slowly lower the knife & point it to the center of the circle at the mojo & now in the same tone of voice say; I command my subconscious to enter into this sacred mojo I call; (name of mojo). 

You can call it anything you like- just don’t forget what you’ve named it. Then say; “by the power & authority of (God & Goddess) “you WILL DO my bidding. Now slowly raise the knife to the heavens as you did in the beginning. 

Then declare in a bold tone; (AS IT IS ABOVE- so, also below) & by the powers of 3X3 so mote it be! Now slowly lower the knife to a resting position at your side & gaze into the mirror- softly gaze into your own eyes and whisper; (you are now under my control) and must bring me all of my desire- wither tis right or wrong means nothing. Say; (name of mojo) from now on, you must obey me & render my desire.

 Now blow out the candles & sit in the darkness for a few moments. Gently thank God & Goddess for their assistance. Now slowly pick up the mojo & wear it. Repeat this about 2-3 times throughout every month. Don’t be so surprised that you seem to loose your sense of guilt- because it now resides in the “mojo”. 

The more often you repeat the ritual- the stronger the mojo’s energies shall become. The guilt belongs to the mojo now- however, we are still held liable for what we choose to do- so, if you don’t want to be caught doing something, you can always bid someone else to do it for you. Best time to perform that kind of magic is when the servant to be is sleeping & preferably not be in the state of (rem pattern) or dream state. All of that kind of magic falls into another category called; “hypnosis via astral” or long range telepathy- unless of course, your servant lives in the same household...then I suppose it would be called (short range) but the distance really means nothing.

 My daughter & I sent each other messages back & forth telepathically for years just to keep in practice. We both got pretty good at it until cell-phone texting was invented- now we don’t practice as much as we used to. Sometime the old way just gives us headaches.

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