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From; Ash To Ash


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From Ash To "Ash'es
Every great nation that has ever existed, has eventually come to end. The glory of Egypt & The Roman empire were expected to last forever. These great nations ruled with fist of iron & their beauty was impeccable- no other nations with so much wealth & political power was like unto them yet, after 1000's of years, those governments came to a close & now only a few stragglers still hang-on to the ghost of their great distant past. The USA is only a little over 200 yrs old & what have we learned from those ghost's of the past...? (Not much) I can assure you.
We are the most wasteful & "over weight" country that has ever existed since the birth of the Great Roman Empire & the beauty of ancient Rome. Wasting of natural resources in those ancient days were considered criminal even back then. As of this day- Its way too late to now go (green). If our grand-kids survive the outcome, It would only be their great-great grand-kids that (might) be able to benefit from great-great-great granddads efforts of going green..."the ozone" is already beyond repair & now We are all slowly cooking. With summers becoming much much hotter & the winters are becoming much colder- yet, the four seasons are also becoming confused by starting early & ending early...From a Geo-physics point of view- this is not a good sign.
Crops have a tendency to perish in out-of-season weather which effects the price of produce @ your favorite stores. + Out-of-season produce have a tendency to produce disease infested (micro-bugs) which is now forcing many producers to go organic which just means; they often grow their stuff under-glass or in closely guarded "green-Houses"...which forces the price of produce even higher. Just off the cuff; Did you know that all the islands on the globe are getting smaller in size...? Its due to two major reasons; (over-population) & rise of the ocean level which is caused by the melting of the ice-caps. What can we do...?
When the end comes upon us- let us pray that (we) are at; ground zero" because all those who survive will be the ones who will be left to help clean-up the mess-so, make sure you have a great broom & a (ton) of "heavy-duty" glad bags,just in case-Its a well known fact that "nothing" will last (forever) & "no" flesh & blood has ever entered the heavenly kingdom... I suppose you already know what that means; Before you can enter that kingdom, your flesh & blood must first be (demised)..."what?" did you plan on living forever? What if you should wind up being the only living human on this planet with no living person or live animal to bond with...?
Including no trees to hug? Boo-hoo...:(  "Whats that?" Do you truly desire to live forever?" Perhaps wind up being the last person alive on earth? It could happen you know. Because where there is life- there shall always be conflict. Where there is ANY voice- there shall always be wars & -rumors thereof! Just something to dream about I guess...Ring-a-round the rose-ee, pocket full of posies - ashes- too ashes- We ALL Fall ...Down!


Every song, has a "story- every story has a message- "not every message applies to "everyone...