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Genuine Faith ?

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Real Faith…?
Substance of Things Hoped for?”

Our ancient forefathers didn’t know how else to explain it during their Time-line. They used what they had @ the time “they had it.”…So, here we Are, 2-3 thousand years later. They used what common sense was ever Available at that time- and, its only logical that we should use what “we have. Hope” is not faith- because “faith” is absolute assurance with no need for Hope” involved or necessary. If you hope for anything- then your chances Are 50% probabilities for a win or loss. “Real faith” does not rely on any Doubtful percentiles- because “faith” is absolute assurance. Can your faith Ever be wrong? If anyone’s faith proves to be wrong, then, the so-called Faith in question was not faith at all- but simply “heart wrenching hope of The hopeful who only “assumed” that their faith was (absolute assured)…

According to ancient scriptures; “God only rewards faith”- not assumption! We all “assume” something at one point or another- right or wrong, but how Do we know if what we have 
is “real faith”…or just blind hopefulness on Our part..? That very fine line will always be between you” & God alone. Real faith will never require blind “hopeful assumption in any form…" Because It is God who gives “faith” according to the church- where the churches themselves only SELL “Blind Hope.” Would you like to buy some blind-hope? Or, receive the gift of faith, which comes From God alone, aka as "the source"? 

If you prefer “faith- then you need to get away from the Church, which only sells; (blind hope) & begin to seek the face of God for Yourself, because God don’t need preachers- or, prophets, or burning-bush nor books Etched into stone nor temples made of iron or wood just to give you a FREE Gift, which is only available thru “asking God for it. IT’S FREE” & tax clear. Try something entirely radical;

Try asking for it in “your own name for a change & let it become your daily prayer, But continue to ask only in the pureness of heart & child-like innocence…Don’t be so surprised to see faith beginning to grow, much like a seed…J