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OBE 1974

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Out Of Body Experience
Proof Is Only In The "Experience;

From a "scientific point of view" They are only "holograms or as some say; (memory-shadows). But what is (memory?) According to physics; "memory- is pure energy- or (raw-energy impulses) left behind by the demised is question- yet all of these compilations are simply (sketch-theory). Yet "everything, is a theory until it is proven as an "absolute". 

The theory of Einsteins E2=MC Square was "proven correct- therefore invalidating that theory as only a (theory.) You & I were only "theory" until the day of our physical birth. Everything human and non-human will all one day become (demised) due to decay thru time & abuse- but the (energy) which drove that "physical-mass cannot be distroyed.
It cannot be created in a labs- however, it can be stretched, compressed or (re-directed) But, energy cannot be created nor distroyed. So, where does that energy go after its physical-dimise? "Heaven & Hell are still only (theory) as of this day. "What about "Nirvana or The "Great summer-land? "Still only theory until PROVEN; as an absolute. My 9 minute clinical-death in 1974 proved to be most comforting & educational to me. During those "9" minutes- which seemed more like (9 hrs) I toured Heaven- Hell & the Great Summer-lands + "the emerald-caves of "Nirvana as well. The one sure-thing I can recall very well is that in all of those places; there was no pain, no suffering & no tears of grief or regret..."but, again; All of those experiences are only (theory) to the beholder of those who havent gone thru the "OBE...(yet)

Theres something else I couldnt understand during that "OBE' aka; out-of-body experience. I could fly & pass-thru walls- I could smell the flowers. I could feel the gentle wind on my face...(but) spirit-bodies have no "sensory-feeling capacity. "No nerve-endings, because those (nerve-endings) are only in the "physical body. What about the possibility of; "spiritual-nerve endings? And why couldnt I pass-thru trees?. I could pass thru all kinds of solid walls- but ...not the trees?

Goth Wear