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Importance Of Core Belief

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What Do You Believe...
Vs, What you "Think you believe"

The importance of "Core belief systems differ very greatly from that which we only claim to believe.This can be very critical to your current state of sanity. For a crude example- lets say we have an individual who swears to practice repeating positive affirmations dozens of times every-day without skipping a day.

 What good are those affirmations at all if the subject in quest dont really believe the affirmations are working? It makes just as much sense having someone claim to be a witch & yet the one claiming such dont even believe in the powers of "witchcraft. The same goes for folks that claim to be christians & yet their everyday lives just mirror the sad opposites...

Perhaps they have just claimed it all these yrs to make "certain relatives to stop badgering them until they just claim such out of self-embedded habit from early childhood. Either way- it's a sad & very lonely road to claim particular belief's & not even believe the claim in question yourself. Most "core belief systems" are born within us according to the faith we put in our Elders who teach us WHAT to "believe- Yet, sadly there was no method available to teach any one "HOW" to believe- "Until now.

Im sure most of has heard @ least once in our lives that "ALL THINGS are possible to those who "believe- yet, in order to believe anything at all, "the belief in question must have a reason or premise prior to the belief in question or at least "an air of truth about that belief...

Is there something you would like to believe- yet, reason & logic just get in the way of progress...? Im sure many of you know at least one hard-nose individual who can be struck left & right with miracle after miracle & all they ever tell you is that; "Its just a physical phenomenon" or they call it a scientific discovery that just hasn't been given a "scientific-reason for it's existence yet. (LOL)

But, What if you did have a way to "by-pass" that critical left-brain thinking which in turn, could cause you to take those leaps of faith you need in order to transform your whole life into your own wishful field of"dreams & wishful aspirations? Im not talking about "common or clinical" hypnosis to which many are immunized unto.

 Im talking about "NLP/subliminals that work on you while you sleep or even wide-awake. It is often said that "The best Things In Life Are Free".But, 1st we need to decide for ourselves;"What the best for us is according to our own points of view. To make a long story short, Iv worked with NLP/subliminals for many years as a hobby & even now many clinics & research hospital centers are using NLP/subliminals to treat their own patients.

 Iv got 4 different NLP/subliminal programs I use for myself  + family & friends that request the help. One of my pet programs, I utilize all 5 different brain-wave sounds; the "alpha,beta,delta,theta & gamma-waves which I combine with musical Mp3 files and several of them; I also have embedded subliminal-voice commands which most are set @ way below the normal hearing range. 

This is done to keep the critical "left-brain from resisting the commands which are needed in order to bring about any lasting changes that are required in order to be more beneficial for the mind & body. What Im offering is free-without monetary obligations on your part.

You might ask "why free?" No# 1 "I dont need the money- because my pvt sponsors take very good care of me & any need I might incur in my journeys here. And No# 2 Most people do not deserve to suffer with lack of sleep due to body aches & pains or inability to stay focused or who suffer from all sorts of debilitating health issues- so, here is my offer; e-mail me & let me know what problems you may be having. Be as detailed as you desire;

"migraine-headaches? "Lack of restful sleep? Bad health habits?  Lack of focus? Lack of energy? "Lack of faith in yourself or others? Shyness? Accident prone?  Lack of confidence? Lack of  interest's? Phobia's? Lack of will-power? Be as graphic as you like & tell me why you think you are being haunted with any of the above & Ill email you a; Free Of Charge, Mp3/NLP-subliminal file you can download onto your Mp3 player for you to use as often as you feel the need for the x-tra help.
 Allow @ least up to 2 weeks delivery since It will be a "custom designed subliminal for your own personal use...:) Iv got a few standard Mp3 files for;

 "Smoking-cessation, weight loss, weight-gain, sleep disorder, eating disorders, depression, confidence + a few more that I can email to you within just a matter of days. Im going to go ahead & set-up several of the standard ones here on-site that you can access on-line or download anytime you like within the next 2 weeks...

 Write me at any of these;,, 

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