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Who You Really Are..."really!

Many folks think they are the equivalent of their ID cards or the Equivalent of their birth records and often try to define who they are according to their historical roots- but none of these things Define who you are. Your mirror reflection does nothing to define the (real) you because all of these things are just labels.About 99.9% of all of us wear more than one hat or label in one Form or another. Your religious behavior does not even define who you are- because anyone can (act) out your religion in the Public eye or screenplays based upon your religious conviction and yet even your personal convictions do not define who you Are.

Religion is not who you are because religion is only just a Definition of what you profess to do in public or private.Anyone can take your ID & credit cards and use them for any Purpose they choose. The experts can even obtain copies of Any ID card or birth certificate and become (you) over night, so Your Ids do not define who you (really) are. So, how do we go about defining (who) we really are? We are not even defined by our own bodies. Ids are used as nothing more than labels Which are used to (narrow down) our faces on a card that only Helps assure? those who observe the card that we are the Same cards legal owner/holder of that card.

Your birth record state who your parents are- but even today there are thousands of switched births, so your B/C may not Even belong to you. It could possibly belong to the child who died on the same day as your own birth. You may even be a Product of illegal adoption & hold a false birth record that was illegally recorded by any crooked vital records clerkŠ so, even the birth records do not define who we (really) are. Again this brings us to the same age old question; what defines us as what we (really) areŠ? Now that I have your identity in limbo- We can proceed to rebuild the truth about who you really are, unless you are now fearful of finding out. Simply put; you are the sum total of all of your thoughts which Means you can be an angel in disguise at the present moment And then become the Devil himself/herself in the fleeting span of time.

In this day & age, we cannot judge a book by its cover any longer, and now- we cannot even Judge the same book by its content either because much can be clouded by the content and content often can serve as a distraction away from that which still remain hidden. So, who are we? What are we? We are cells & within us are Smaller cells that also contain (smaller cells) within themselves. When you break down the cell to its smallest component- you will Find (quarks) of several different kinds, which are just a fancy name for; sub-atomic particles and when you break down any single Particle- you find (raw) energy fleeting back & forth in the shape of tiny squiggles.

You find the same squiggles in carbon-based dust. From a medical stand point; you are a living carbon-based life form,Which has the ability to think, reason, dream, and hope & aspire to heights of greatness beyond any or all (impossibilities) or you can demote yourself with thoughts of lack, despair, & hopelessness. It is your thoughts that can take you in either direction. The question is; which way do you choose to think? Your thoughts can get you there- but they can’t help you if you (don’t think) and keep thinking & planning.Just remember; in the beginning was the (word) yet prior to any Word- there first must be a thought, yet prior to any thought- there first must be a thinker, so, who is the (thinker)? You are, so, Start thinking instead of just (waiting) for fate to manifest or for God or Goddess to do ALL the work. And if you continue to think in terms of lack & despair- then don’t be so surprised at the outcome.

If you change the way you think- then the Things that you SEE WILL (eventually) change. This is not always an over-night miracle. I do believe in miracles- but I also believe in (un-planned) tragedies & half of those tragedies can be avoided if we think far enough in advance & when we cover ALL the possible bases- ..."so, start thinking