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Streets Of Gold?


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Streets Of Gold?/mp3

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Regarding Streets Of Gold;
Many often Seek Streets Of Gold & Marble Castles In The Air- But, If We Are To Be Like The Angels Who Can Pass Thru Walls- What Good are Castles With Rooms and Walls Be…? Many Dare To Think; we Are Born As Humans To One Day Have our Mortal Souls Saved? But- Were They Not Already Saved Prior to our Birth? What Was Wrong In Staying Where we Were Prior To This Human Form? Are we not already condemned by exposure to the Elements Through our Birthday? Does God Have A Room for You in Heaven? What Good Is It-Since ANY Angel Has Access To It?
What will you hang On YOUR Wall? Will You Have Cable Or Video Games? Will You Grow A Garden in Your Room?Perhaps Your Room Will Be Empty Except For Your Ghostly Presents Within It? Will You Play Games With all The Other Ghost By Running Thru Each Other?…Will You Be A Guardian of Your Human Family Who Were Left Behind When You died…? “How will you help to guard them?” What If God Don’t Want You To guard them…? What If God TELLS YOU to Be their Executioner By Becoming Their Angel of Death…? “Will You Obey God In That Day…?
 Perhaps We Will All Just Dangle Our Ghostly Feet in the famous Clear River That Flows From the Throne of God…? Perhaps Throw stardust at each other…? Perhaps come back here to Earth & haunt our relatives? (or)… just stay in our floating castle & keep count of all the stars that burn out and perhaps wonder if there are any more floating castles out there other than this one in heaven that we occupy…? Besides; Earth is not a planet anyway- take a much closer look & you will see a (PLANT) not (a planet)…& not just (any) ol common plant. Some would theorize it as a fungus.
 It’s a carnivorous Plant. It eventually eats “everything” but its main staple is called; (putrefied Flesh & bone) which it uses to mulch & nutrify all the plant life that inhabits it. Think of Earth as a gigantic “Venus fly trap” and all the animals & humans are the flies that it consumes- & yes, it is growing and prayerfully we can always hope that we wont ever have to remember how many times we’ve been here, because I can think of no greater Hell than to recall every single trip we’ve ever made here since prior to Adam and Eve…! Many scriptures speak of a land Where we’ll never ever grow old- a land where there is no pain- no sorrow, or tears-(but)…”WOW!” I just described; “Death” for in death; there is no pain-no sorrow- (and) no tears and in order to experience any of these above, you must first have “nerve endings”…& NO ghost has nerve endings.
 Nerve endings are much like tiny micro-scopic veins that transmit emotion & pain including (pleasure) as well as “fear” including; Boldness… Angels don’t have nerve-endings either- so, “joy” would also be impossible to experience while in the state of (death). Do you still believe in castles in the air…? (whisper;) Just keep on dreaming little dreamer… and, If your lucky- you’ll never have to (awaken) but the test of time will not begin until you decide to finally wake up after birth…!so, What’s my message…? Death as well as (Life) are all (passing) experiences…& “so-called salvation” is nothing more than empty, and "personified hopes"  of all "the DREAMERS" who mindlessly keep seeking for streets of solid gold. "Happy hunting... 

Goth Wear