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Goth Magick…

As a Dark arts teacher myself for over 25 years- Iv dabbled in all types of magic, But none of the common traditions stand out as more powerfully as “Goth”. 

The Goth Craft, as it is sometime called is much akin to the satanically based Kind of dark arts. The world’s master dark-arts; teacher Anton Lavey… also Taught in his number one best seller; The Satanic Rituals that (emotion) was And still is the most powerful ingredient to “any spirit-based magic”. 

On page Number; 94 of the book, Goth Craft- by; Writer/publisher Raven Digitalis, He goes on to state that; “emotions” are the key to spirituality & magic. The Idea behind most magic is to not to just transform your realities into a much more pleasant reality thru (emotional energy) but “magic” without emotion is powerless- And without it, the ritual itself is a guaranteed looser.

His exact quote was; 
So, what do emotions have to do with spirituality & magic? (Everything!) Change is triggered by Magic, “magic” is triggered by (intention) & intention is triggered by (thought) and thought is triggered by (emotion). The caster must project emotion in Order to manifest the will & without emotion- the spell is just mundane and is Insignificant as any-other activity & very little power is focused into the working. I really enjoyed & learned much from this young author. His book & others can Be obtained thru Llewellyn Worldwide; 

Raven also has a Major site of his own listed as; He holds a B.A. in Anthropology, An animal rights activist & DJ’s for EBM and industrial music. He is a Neopagan Priest of the disciplined eclectic “shadow magic tradition; Opus Aima Obscurae.  He has to be the youngest Wizard Iv ever known… He takes Goth, Wicca, Cabala, Zen and Angel magic, blending “all” of them into the most powerful of any Tool for any-kind of Spirit/magic Iv ever used in my own magic Circles. His book kept me spell-bound. I couldn’t put it down till after the last Page was complete